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Birthday Party, Saying Goodbye To Harley, Santa, Christmas Party, Singing & More

December 14, 2014

Well call me mother of the year… I finally had my 6 year olds birthday party… Yeah… Her birthday was over a month ago. :/ We had about 25 kids over.

IMG_6140.JPG My friend Amy saved me… She came over and helped paint all the kids faces as I played games with the kids. Later that day, the girls and I began making cakes for our church dinner that will take place tomorrow evening. We did half of it tonight and the rest will be done tomorrow.

IMG_6202.JPG The kids went to bed and the Fullmer’s came over for a movie and treats. 🙂 I’ve been eating so much junk food and drinking so much soda this week!!! I’ve been going to bed way late… This is my week off of everything I guess. I’m not the healthiest anyway even when I am training but this week has been bad!

Saturday: Today was a day of ups and downs! We did our Saturday chores… I, then, finished the cakes and the girls played with our English Mastiff, Harley.

IMG_6203.JPG We are having to put Harley to sleep today… It has been so emotional all morning. We did run to the church to help set up for the dinner tonight.

IMG_6204.JPG We ran to our grocery store here in town to go see Santa Claus! The girls loved it!


IMG_6206.JPG Ok… So we loved it too!

IMG_6207.JPG Shortly after it was time to take Harley to the Vet. 😦 It was less than a 10 minute drive… Not long enough. I tried making excuses to not bring her in… It began to rain/snow so I said let’s do it a different day to make it easier to bury her… Well we both knew that this was the best thing for Harley. The kids, Mike Fullmer, Corom and I walked Harley in…

IMG_6208.JPG The Vet gave us a few minutes to be with her… As we began to walk her back a lady asked what was wrong with our dog. I turned to her and said we have to put her down. Right when I said that I began to cry… Now I was the one who always got annoyed with the dogs or mad at them. I was the one that kept saying we have to put her down (she was really old and in pain) without a second thought… But now I am the one who started crying first and was so sad about it!

IMG_6209.JPG The girls said their goodbyes (with my 2nd just balling). The girls and I got up to leave so the vet, Corom and Mike could do what they had to do. My youngest kept turning around and yelling I love you. The vet did tell us that Harley lived longer than the usual lifespan of a mastiff. It was a sad moment but I explained to the girls as we were out in the waiting room that it was the best thing we could do for Harley. Corom, Mike and my 2nd child went up to bury our dog. The other 3 girls and I went to our friends the Barney’s house to put together a 12 days of Christmas thing for a family in our neighborhood. It was fun to put everything together (even though the Barney’s did most the work). We will start today and end on Christmas Eve… For dinner we headed back to the church. (We went early to finish the last minute touches from this afternoon). We then helped tray the food and get everything organized. We had an excellent dinner with about 200 other ward members. Corom and I played Mary & Joseph for a little program, then we stayed for the cleanup when the dinner and program was over. My kids were big helpers today!!! It was nice to not have to raise my voice at them all the time. 🙂 Usually they are touching everything or getting into things but they helped with the setting up.

IMG_6216.JPG We came home and checked on Kittie (our other English Mastiff). I know she knew something was off today. 😦 She didn’t get up when we walked into the garage. It really was sad!

IMG_6198.JPG The kids went to bed and the Fullmer’s came back over for a movie. What a day!

Sunday: Church was really good today! Great speakers for sacrament meeting and great lessons in the 2 other classes! For our Christmas activity we (Corom, the girls and I) along with the Barney’s went to the Assisted Living Home (for old people) to visit and sing Christmas carols. We are not the best singers… But it was fun. 🙂

IMG_6217.JPG Our family headed up to the Fullmer’s for dinner. They gave us a beautiful picture of Harley. The girls loved it! We came home, the girls went to bed and so did I shortly after.

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  1. Oh gosh. I just cried reading this. I am sooo sorry. Not many things are as hard as making the decision to put a dog down and have to say goodbye. Harley was so lucky to be loved by such a big and wonderful family. Hugs to you all!

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