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Constipation, Ugly Sweater Win, School, Life…

December 16, 2014

Monday: I began my morning with a 56:31.58 easy 7.3 mile run. Yep I took a week off and now am ready to start running again. For the next month, it will be easy, fun runs. I am looking forward to that! During the day I helped at the school and cleaned house. At the school we began setting up for the reading carnival that is taking place tomorrow.

IMG_6219.JPG My 2nd daughter had a little situation at school today… Well it started this weekend. She has been so constipated (hurting not wanting to eat, not wanting to be touched or moved when the pooping urge came on, her stomach hurt, etc), so we loaded her up with miralax… On Monday morning I told her she didn’t have to go to school because I didn’t want her to be embarrassed if the miralax kicked in and she had an accident. She insisted on going… I did get a phone call after lunch from her saying she wasn’t feeling well. I picked her up and got it out of her that she “had a little accident”… She then told me that she clogged and flooded the school toilet with how much she got out. :/ I smiled and said to her that her daddy would be proud! 🙂 I’m just glad she feels better! For family night tonight, we had the missionaries over with a couple of families. We ate scones and chocolate and then had a little Christmas/spiritual message.

IMG_6220.JPG A little while later, I went to bed and Corom stayed up real late…. Making his ugly sweater for his work party.

Tuesday: I went out for 58:43.66 minute run. I felt good. We had many dog encounters, though! At one point I had to pick up a rock and throw it at a dog. I missed but I wish I hadn’t. :/ The rest of my day was extremely busy… I babysat for a few hours this morning (started at 7)… Corom finished his sweater so I had him model it before he left for work. (Some pictures were taken at the house and some at work. :/ As you can see… He won the Ugliest Sweater Award.)

IMG_6261.JPG He is such a cheese ball!!! But that’s what I love. We had a carnival at the elementary school today. It went all day with each grade coming at a different time. I really enjoyed it! We have such a good group of ladies that help out each activity!

IMG_6263.JPG All the kids had a blast!!! So many games, crafts, activities, food… It was great. It was all based off of the kids reading (how many times they read throughout the week) and how many tickets they were rewarded.

IMG_6262.JPG The girls and I went straight to In-door track practice… It started today…

IMG_6264.JPG Here we go again… Cross country just ended & track begins. After practice we brought dinner to a friend that just had a baby and then Corom took out out 3rd daughter on their “date” (which he forgot to take pictures); and I took out our 4th daughter on our “date” when Corom returned. We both took each child out for ice cream (just for about 20-25 minutes).

IMG_6265.JPG I told my 4 year old daughter that I loved her so much. She then says… Well I love you more. Well not as much as I love Santa though. :/ Ok… Do I tell her? 😉 Anyway… Corom went to scouts and my visiting teachers came over to well visit. 🙂 It has been a busy day… Now I’m in bed ready to go to sleep…

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  1. Oh date night looks like so much fun! I can’t stop staring and laughing at Corom’s creation. Rock and I are doing a fun jingle run up in Michigan on Sunday night and I really wish we had ugly sweaters for it. Maybe Rock can copy Corom’s idea 😉

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