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January 29, 2015

Wednesday: I met up with Beth for a 11 1/2 mile easy run. It didn’t feel so easy, though. My legs are dead. I’ve been trying to build my mileage up and I am such a baby… I just feel flat! We ran it in 1:23.22. I babysat (the 2 kids) and had a YW’s girls camp meeting at my house. My youngest and Megan’s little girl took my phone during the meeting… Almost 150 pictures later, she gave it back. 🙂

Processed with Moldiv I lost a bet earlier this week, so I had to buy my friend Stephanie, subway!

IMG_7567 Today was Corom’s late night at work but he surprised me with flowers! I was shocked. When we 1st got married, I told him that I am not a “flower” girl. I think it is a waste of money… But it was so nice to have him 1st come home for a few minutes and 2nd to bring flowers with him. 😉

IMG_7568 He was a bit of a grump earlier… So he did apologize. 🙂 Tonight, I was in bed by 9:30! It was nice.

Thursday: I met up with Amber this morning for a 11 1/2 mile run. We ran Harry’s loop and I helped Amber tempo down at the pace she wanted. We ran about a 4 mile tempo (all around 6:30 pace… Give or take a few seconds)… It felt good and I was glad I was able to help Amber. We ran our run in 1:24.14 (a 7:17 pace). Corom had the day off… He had the opportunity to do a session at the temple (I get to go next Thursday :)). Corom got back in time for lunch so we decided to go to the girl’s school and have lunch with them.

Processed with Moldiv A track today, the kids went on an easy 6 miles and finished off with 3-5 strides. We also celebrated coach Vantassel’s birthday! 🙂

Processed with Moldiv At home all the neighbor kids were over helping Corom build a jump for their bikes! It was fun watching them; especially Corom as he was acting like one of the kids!

Processed with Moldiv He and I both had church meetings tonight… So the girls and I went together to mine. I’m part of the “party” (I guess activity) committee for our ward (church). 🙂

IMG_7606 It was way past the girls bedtime by the time we got home. They went right to sleep and so did I shortly after.

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  1. Flowers can be such a nice occasional surprise. Any surprise is always nice to see isn’t it? How sweet. Love that bike jump. Used to be my favorite thing as a kid!

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