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So Much In 3 Days…

February 7, 2015

Thursday: I met up with Amber for the wonderful Harry’s hill loop. She wanted to tempo 4 miles again once we reached the top. I was more than happy to help her reach her mark.

IMG_7910 At mile 4 we did not hit a 6:28. 🙂 I paused the workout due to dog trouble… We had to walk a little ways to pass them. :/ Anyway… It was a good run and she was able to hit the times she wanted. Corom, Mike and Travis drove the 3 hours to Hatch to pick up our 25 passenger bus and 12 passenger van. They left around 8 a.m. and didn’t get home until about 7 p.m. They had fun with a little difficulties (with the van… The bus runs great).

IMG_7893 I was able to attend the temple with my friend, Denise this morning after the kids went to school. It has been way too long and much needed.

Processed with Moldiv My mother-in-law picked up my 2 younger girls from school until I got back. They had fun with her (McDonalds and playing). The girls went with me to track today. They did hill surges, while the girls played with a couple of kids from school.

Processed with Moldiv Megan & her daughter and Amy Fullmer came over for dinner. Then Megan and I went to bunko at a friend’s house. Corom and I got home at the same time tonight. Busy day!

Friday: I met up with Danny and went on a 10 mile run in 1:14.09. I shut off my “map my run” at 9.7… So of course we ran a few more minutes to finish off 10.

IMG_7912 And of course the girls wanted to take the bus to school today… They thought they were so cool. 🙂

Processed with Moldiv I had a coaches track meeting today. We went over all our workouts for the season and I guess coaching stuff. 🙂 I had about 13 extra kids today that played around the house (it was all the neighbor kids)… Of course we had to make cookies! I had lots of help!

Processed with Moldiv Corom went on a camp out with the scouts and at least 7 other leaders! They all had fun! I hung out with Megan and Karley for a little while and then came home, put the girls to bed and watched a movie. 🙂

Saturday: I met up with Mac, Aubrey and Amber, and went out for 2:04.02 minutes. I didn’t have a gps at all but I’m assuming I went out for 16 miles. It was a good run. I took the girls to the library for activities, crafts and an animal show from Wild Wonders. The girls had a blast!

Processed with Moldiv Corom was going to come with us to the library but got distracted with the neighbor kids and the bike ramps out in the field behind us.

Processed with Moldiv We took the girls through the car wash… One of their favorite things to do.

Processed with Moldiv Then headed to Salt Lake to pick up Kitty (our English Mastiff). We had her mate with a 220 lb English Mastiff. We will see what we get in 2 months!

Processed with Moldiv We did hang out with some friends of ours in Salt Lake and then headed to Rachelle’s pool (in the bus of course) to swim.

Processed with Moldiv The Barney’s went to the pool with us, came over for dinner and then game night. We had a few others over for game night. (Corom and Travis did play a little game before everyone came over… A couple of dorks!) 🙂

Processed with Moldiv

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  1. I love the use of the bus…and through the drive through?! Awesome! That “game” the boys were playing….such a boy thing. I definitely laughed out loud.

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