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The Start Of My Training… And Everything Else!

February 10, 2015

Sunday: We went to church today. The girls were really good and church was great. I had a couple of meeting after church (so did Corom)… The girls came with me. 🙂 The girls and I headed up to my sister’s house for a BBQ. My little brother and his wife and girl came and our aunt Georgia. The kids had fun playing with their cousins!

Processed with Moldiv We came home to Corom and a house full youth and leaders… They were here for a fireside.

Processed with Moldiv

Monday: I went out for a easy to moderate run. I felt good this morning.

IMG_8043 I’m starting to get back into the zone of training again. I love what is ahead but I also dread what is ahead. 🙂 I babysat for a little while this morning and then had to get a babysitter for my youngest (and the other 2 kids I babysit went somewhere else) so I could attend a meeting with all the youth track coaches in Utah county. We had to set up our meets and practices and go over all the fun things…

IMG_8015 I love coaching the kids of our city! It is a blast… Well the high school kids do the coaching… The girls went to a friends house while I went to track practice. The kids went on a 8-10 mile run.

IMG_8018-0 I took out my 3rd daughter tonight and Corom took out our youngest (neither one of us took pictures though) and then we had family night.

Processed with Moldiv The girls make it very entertaining. We all went to bed early… I think I went to bed at 9 but by 11 p.m. 2 of my kids ended up in our bed. I was so tired that I ended up on the couch and (I noticed the next morning) that Corom was on the top bunk of our youngest’s bed. One of those nights…

Tuesday: Well I began my 1st speed workout today with 6 x wonderful 800’s. I ran a 15:30 (2 mile) warmup before I began my speed. My 1st one: 2:33 and I finished off the mile with a 6:09; 2nd: 2:31, 6:12; 3rd: 2:32, 6:10; 4th: 2:34, 6:08; 5th: 2:35, 6:09; 6th: 2:35, 6:10. I ran the 1st 3 way to fast and had to hold on to the last 3. I really was dead but I’m glad I finished all 6 (I wanted to be done after the 4th but I kept thinking of my hill surge repeat workout that I didn’t finish). I ran into Amber on my cool down… It was nice to see her because we ran together for a little while. I ran the 2 miles home (14:20) and ran right in to get the girls ready for school. Corom and I had a little argument this morning… And one of the girls asked me if we were getting a divorce. :/ We had to explain to her that just because we argue at times does not mean we are getting a divorce. (We argued over a faucet… Lame! :/ But it happens.) It was kind of cute but it also made me think. I was able to work in my oldest’s classroom today and my mother-in-law worked in my 2nd daughter’s classroom. I did help out my friend and watched her little girl, so she came with me. 🙂

Processed with Moldiv I did get a phone call today from our loan agency for our house. Apparently… We haven’t made a house payment since we have lived here. :/ Crap… That made me sick! So 3 hours of being on the phone and doing the conference calls with our bank and the bank for our mortgage… Money has been taken out every month it was just a matter of figuring out where it was going. :/ We figured it out but it’s going to be a mess to get it all straightened out! For track today, I ran with the HS kids for their warmup (19 minutes) about 2 1/2 miles. We ran to Christensen’s loop and did 1200 repeats. I did get another 7 minutes of running back and forth during their speed and then ran for another 20:41 minute for their cool down. So I was able to get 15 miles in today. 🙂 The babysitter had all the girls homework done and then we were able to work on their Valentine box.

Processed with Moldiv Corom went with Mike to Bamff film festival and I had the ladies over for bachelor night!

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