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Lots Of Valentine Stuff, School Stuff & Running!

February 14, 2015

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday… Running: I met up with Jeff (on Wed.), supposedly for a recovery run… But it didn’t feel like a recovery. My legs are beat! We ran 11 miles at 1:13.39. I’ve just been exhausted. On Thursday, Jeff, Amber and I ran the Harry’s hill loop. We went for 12.5 miles (in 1:30.44). We did a 4 mile “tempo” down from Harry’s (I averaged about a 6:10-6:20 pace for the 4 miles). I am still tired though. Friday I met up with Danny and Blake and went for a 9 mile run in 1:10. It was a great recovery run. We hopped on the river trail and went at a slower pace. A much needed run. This morning I met up with Amber and Rachelle… What a beautiful morning!!!

IMG_8155 We ran 14 miles (they finished at 15). It was a good run… My legs just felt tired!!!

IMG_8213 I finished off in 1:42.53. I was glad to be done!!!

Wednesday-Friday… School Stuff & after school stuff: Every morning before school, the girls and I helped with the valograms (Valentine handouts).

Processed with Moldiv

Processed with Moldiv The PTO board went out to breakfast (on Friday)… The secretary is moving and we are all so bummed!

IMG_8134 Corom and I were able to help in the girls classrooms for their Valentine’s party’s…

Processed with Moldiv The girls worked on their Valentine cards, they played and of course got hurt along the way…

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Processed with Moldiv Our nephew and his friends came by to decorate our bus… They are having Corom (and Corom’s brother, Jarom) drive them and their dates around for the HS Sweetheart’s dance (Friday night). They had so much fun, but Corom seems to always be the entertainment!…

Processed with Moldiv

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Indoor Track: The HS kids practice on their own on Wednesdays and on Thursday they went on a 5 1/2 to 7 mile easy to moderate run. Some of the kids have a track meet on Friday and most are going to the sweethearts dance. Which leads to Friday night… I took a handful of kids to the Olympic Oval indoor track for the meet. They raced really well!!! One of the sophomores pulled off a 30 second PR in his mile! And of course we had to stop and get Jamba Juice (smoothies) for our drive home! 🙂

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Valentine Dinner With The Girls: Corom made a fun and yummy fondu dinner for the girls and I! The girls loved it. We celebrated with them on Thursday night because Corom’s brother and his family are driving into town this weekend.

Processed with Moldiv

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Saturday… Valentines Day: After my run… we (Corom & the girls, Corom’s mom & Gary, Corom’s sister & her kids & Corom’s brother & his family) took the bus, hiked the Y and then went to the Creamery for lunch.

Processed with Moldiv

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Processed with Moldiv The hike was a pretty good hike. Steep up! The girls did really well. On the way out, we saw a couple sitting at a park enjoying their Valentine’s Day. So Corom told the girls to take one of the balloons from the bus (it was from the dance last night)… And run it down to them. It was a little funny… (Especially being in the bus)…

Processed with Moldiv Corom and I went to dinner (with the Fullmers) at the Clarion Event Center. We did leave our kids with the older cousins. :/

IMG_8218 Dinner was excellent!!! We had prime rib, raspberry chicken, lemon chicken, mashed potatoes, carrots, salad, rolls, desserts and more. It was wonderful!!!

Processed with Moldiv The best part… It was all you can eat! 🙂 We danced to a live band… Good food and good company.

Processed with Moldiv The kids had fun with their cousins and we had a good night.

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  1. I hope your legs get a good rest today! All of your Valentine’s Day festivities look so fun. I remember as a little girl I loved Valentine’s Day at school…the best. And how lovely that the bus has become so useful for so many 🙂

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