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The Norm & Heading Off To Simplot

February 19, 2015

Tuesday: Amber and I met up at my house and went for a 2 mile warmup (15:50). Then we began our 800’s. We both went at our own pace at this point. My first 800 was a 2:32. It was way too fast for how I was feeling. My legs were tired and sore from yesterday’s run. My 2nd was a 2:36, 3rd was a 2:36, 4th was 2:35, 5th was 2:36, 6th was 2:36 and 7th was a 2:36. I was able to finish off the miles between the times of 6:10-6:18. I struggled this workout but I had to be faster than a 2:40 (these are on a slight downhill for the 1st minute… It really helps with the leg turnover). We finished with a 3 mile cool down. I was able to get a 12 mile run in this morning and then a 3 mile run in during track practice… 15 total for the day. For the rest of the day, I babysat, a few friends came over and hung out, the kids played…

Processed with Moldiv… I went to track practice (and ran 3 miles with the kids… Well they ran more)…

Processed with Moldiv After, Corom and my 2nd child went on their little outing together.

Processed with Moldiv I told the girls to get ready for bed this evening… I heard a lot of laughing and gagging at the same time. My oldest helped the younger girls with their toothpaste by putting bum cream on their toothbrush instead of toothpaste.

IMG_8291 Yeah it was pretty funny.

Wednesday: I met up with Beth for a nice recovery run. It was great meeting up with Beth and being able to talk about our goals in running.

IMG_8314 It was another day of babysitting, friends coming over and hanging out, school stuff, , piano lessons, activity days, etc. I did have a meeting with the RS presidency in the evening… We met at my house with Corom working late… The girls loved it because they got to watch a movie and stay up a little later then usual.

Friday: I went on a lone run this morning… It was quite pleasant. I was able to go the pace I wanted and I was able to think over a lot of things. I didn’t get to go as long as I wanted but I’m kind of ok with that.

IMG_8315 I went to my oldest daughters class 1st thing this morning…

IMG_8299, then went to a few neighbors (with Megan and Barbara) to visit them. I was dropped off at the HS and headed up to Idaho for the track and field Simplot Games.

IMG_8300 The meet starts tonight with the miles and 2 miles…

Processed with Moldiv Our kids raced well!!! Our female miler qualified for Saturday’s meet. So excited for her. We had a couple of guys race their PR tonight and a few that raced well. It was a good meet. We are tired and I have already lost my voice!

IMG_8311 We made a quick stop off at the grocery store (at 10:30 p.m.) to get stocked up for the all day track meet tomorrow and Saturday…

IMG_8331 Late night… With an early morning!

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  1. Love the boys in the grocery cart. Boys will be boys… you know 😉

  2. Yes they will be! For some reason, I cannot comment on your blog! I will figure it out though. :/

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