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Simplot Games Weekend!

February 21, 2015

Friday: I began my day with a 10 mile run in Pocatello, Idaho… I hopped on Idaho State’s Cross Country’s course.

Processed with Moldiv I decided to push the pace today because I was feeling good. It was a hilly run so I was a little more tired doing it.

IMG_8336 Once I cleaned up, I was able to sit back and coach and enjoy the Simplot Games Track Meet. Our team did really well today (the distance, sprinters, field events & relays). I had 2 male 800 runners qualify for tomorrow’s finals and a female miler qualify for tomorrow’s meet (one of the female high jumpers qualified). There are over 2200 athletes competing… So to qualify for the Saturday’s meet is a big deal.

Processed with Moldiv We are so proud of the performances of our kids today. The Simplot meet is always fun to watch. We did have the opportunity to meet a few Olympians. That is usually the highlight of everyone’s trip. I met Andre Phillips (400 meter hurdler-gold medalist) and Mike Powell (long jumper, current world record holder).

Processed with Moldiv I was a little shocked when they picked me up. Somehow I ended up with Mike’s VIP pass where it allowed for me to cut the line and go behind their table. 🙂 But they were funny! After the meet was over, we went back to our hotel and had a pizza/swim party.

Processed with Moldiv The HS kids love to come on this trip. For the 4 that qualified for finals… They hung out outside the pool and just took it “somewhat” easier than the rest of the kids (we told them no pool or hot tub.) They didn’t seem to mind at all! It was a late night for most of us and then an early morning…

Saturday: I woke up early to get my run in before my 2 800 runners had their race (their race started at 8:25 a.m.). I was hoping to get a 15 miler in but due to leaving my room a little later than I wanted and due to snowy roads…

IMG_8455… I was only able to get a 10 1/2 miler in. I felt lousy today and sluggish so I was ok with finishing with that.

IMG_8496 I made it back in time to watch the boys race in their 800. One ran another PR and the other raced well but fell a little behind on his. But they both looked great. My female miler, looked so strong and solid. She is new to track (she is a junior and the last time she ran track was in 8th grade). She ran a 5:26 on Thursday and turned around and ran a 5:19 today.

Processed with Moldiv For the “half time” break, it was the flag and national anthem, they introduced (recognized) the Olympians, and then had all the athletes line up and walk around the track in parade format… They were grouped in their State/Country. For some reason, Utah always has the biggest group. It’s great to see!

Processed with Moldiv We eventually left the meet around 3 p.m. To head back to Utah. (We did share a bus with our rival school…. It was pretty fun. :)) I did get front door service with the bus… 🙂

IMG_8499 It was great seeing Corom and the girls! He had quite the weekend with them… They walked to school, with big wheels and skateboards, crawling under the gutter drains, etc…

Processed with Moldiv They made things out of wood, got dirty, my youngest cut her hair :/, they played dress up and much more…

Processed with Moldiv They visited alpacas today and my girls were spit at. Pretty disgusting! Corom is now on a kick of owning alpacas… I told him no but I will probably come home to one or two sometime in the future… 🙂

Processed with Moldiv

Processed with Moldiv After the girls went to bed… The Fullmers came down and we watched a movie.

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  1. Congrats to you and your kids! That is an awesome showing at the meet. I always had to avoid the pool at skating competitions. Harder when you are younger,not as much as you get older. Alpacas?! Oh my…

  2. It was so hard for the ones that were competing at finals! They have a lot of self control!

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