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Quite The Adventures!!!

February 27, 2015

Tuesday: I went out for a Fartlek run this morning. I got a couple of miles in before I started my 90 seconds on 60 seconds recovery (12 times). I was tired…

IMG_8589 The girls and neighbor kids went off to school with their duct tape accessories. 🙂

Processed with Moldiv I did head off to the gym to learn how to do… Well weights. Not so good on my end. I didn’t last too long either… We had an out door track meeting with all the kids and their parents. It was a good, informative meeting.


Wednesday: I met up with Beth for an easier run.

IMG_8597-0 For the elementary school spirit week activity, we had a jump roping assembly. Each grade cycled in for a 20 minute jump roping session. It was a blast!!! I had a lot of fun, I might add. I did jump a lot. 🙂 I also brought the kids that I babysit… It went very smoothly.

Processed with Moldiv

Processed with Moldiv It was a noon early out day for the kids, so Marti and I took our kids to the Bean Museum. It’s a free, animal museum. I love this place (maybe because it’s free :/).

Processed with Moldiv We had our 1st outdoor track practice today. The distance runners (well the ones that know there distance) went out for a run before “practice”. At practice we had the entire team do most the track & field events to see who liked what and where the athlete is better/more comfortable at.

Processed with Moldiv After practice, Corom came home from work for a little over an hour (it’s his late night) so I could go around with Barbara and Megan and visit some of the ladies in our ward boundaries (neighborhood). I really enjoyed going around! Once I got home, Corom went back to work and I began the cleaning and packing. We are headed off to Phoenix, Arizona.

Thursday: Today started off with a good 10 mile run (well up Harry’s hill :/). I should have taken it easier but I didn’t… Not with the hill loop I did.

IMG_8655 Oh well. We took the girls to school, so we could finish packing/loading up the car without any interruptions. Corom took the car in to get the tires rotated and then quickly went to a doctors appointment. Right before lunch we checked all the girls out of school. They were excited!

Processed with Moldiv We are having quite the adventure coming out!!! We 1st started off a couple of hours later than what we wanted (but that was kind of expected). I, then, get pulled over…

Processed with Moldiv I guess, that too, is to be expected! Always!!! I just need to lay off of the lead foot. The 2 officers were nice enough to send me off with a verbal warning. 🙂 Oh that just made my day. We then come up to half way through our 10 hour trip to a road block…

IMG_8671 There is no way to drive through it, so Corom turns around and with the help of the GPS ends up on a dirt road. We came upon the Navajo reservation…. Who knows where we are going…

Processed with Moldiv That was quit the detour. About 30 minutes after we found our way back to the highway, we heard a pop and then came the flat tire. :/

Processed with Moldiv A sheriff stopped as we (well Corom… Not we ;)) were finishing up, seeing if we needed help. Nothing but great experiences with the cops today!!! The girls were pretty good in the car… Considering we don’t have any electronics for them. So there was plenty of fighting and arguing but there was also plenty of playing and being creative…

IMG_8692-2 We finally ended up at our friend’s house in Phoenix (a couple of hours later than we thought) but we had a good adventure. The girls were in heaven here!

IMG_8704 It is now 1 a.m. And we are barely getting to bed. That’s ok before a race, right? :/ We had a good time visiting though!

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