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Phoenix 1/2 Marathon

March 2, 2015

Friday: I was able to sleep in and then went out for a 32:31 minute run. It was a very nice run in Pheonix! A little warmer than what I have been running in but it felt great! After a huge breakfast (that Chelsea made) of eggs, sausage, fruit, waffles, orange juice, naked juice, etc. (Which was absolutely fabulous), we went to the zoo! The zoo was so much fun… We stayed for about 3-4 hours. 

The girls and Corom went back to the Blazers house to play and I went to the 1/2 marathon expo to pick up my packet. I also went with Rachelle and Heather for the night for 2 reasons… One being I would get a good night sleep and the second reason was to get a ride to the race at 4 a.m. 

I hung out with the 2 (Rachelle and Heather) for the evening and then went to bed early. 🙂 

Saturday: It is race day! It was an early morning of 3:30 a.m. The 3 of us headed out… They went to the marathon buses and I jogged over the the half marathon bus. I was able to get about a 2 mile warmup in before I went to the starting line. 

I knew, once we all lined up, this was going to be tough competition!!! Yep… I was right. I felt good the entire race. I did back off after the 1st 3 miles because the top 3 runners picked up the pace… Like they were starting their kick already. 🙂 I was able to pick it up the last 10k for a stronger finish. 

I hung out for a little while after the race to watch some friends come in and to eat all the free stuff. 🙂 Oh and I ran a 2 mile cool down. 17 miles total. 

I walked over the park (about a mile away) to meet up with Corom, the girls and the Blasers. The park was awesome!!!! We had so much fun playing there. 

Corom and Scott had to race through the netted obstacle course. It was the funniest thing to watch (2 grown men crawling over kids fighting their way to the end). They actually had a lot of people watching them. Very entertaining! 

So of course… My oldest wanted to race next. :/ At first I thought I was going to have to hold back to “let” her win… I was wrong… Once we started, she took off and I was really struggling with the nets. It was hard! 

We went out to lunch (after Corom ran to the tire shop to get the donut and flat taken care of), hung out at the Blaser’s house for a little longer…

… Then took off (around 3:30 p.m.) to drive home. :/ It took us forever to get home. About 4 hours into our drive, we hit a snowstorm. For most of the way, we drove about 25-45 mph. It was quite the drive! 

We made it home a little after 4 a.m. We were all so tired! Corom did a great job of driving! 

 Sunday: Corom’s alarm went off 2 hours after we fell asleep. 😦 He soon after left for his early morning church meeting. I got up a little bit later and got the girls ready for church and prepared my lesson for Relief Society. I actually felt really good today for the little amount of sleep that I had. Church was good… The lesson went well. I showed a short 4 minute video of an elderly couple that is so touching. It is called Enduring LoveMy lesson was on, “What is worth fighting for?” A good part was about marriage & Family (& Self esteem/worth, hope & courage). It was nice because I had a lot of people participate and share personal stories! Anyway… We went over to the Barney’s house for dinner tonight. It was not not having to worry about cooking anything!!! 

 Monday: I went out for a 10.2 mile easy run. I felt great. 

I babysat today, went to my PTO meeting, Stephanie & Camille came over, and then I headed out to track practice. The distance runners went out on a 8-9 mile run for their workout. 

 I took my 2nd daughter out on our date and then Corom took our oldest out on their date. 🙂 

We didn’t have time for FHE (family night)… So we will have to do that tomorrow night! Today went by fast… I am tired and am going to go to bed early! 

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  1. Hooray for a great race! I feel like everyone was in Phoenix this past weekend. It looks like a great time. Congrats on such a great run! And you got the zoo in too? Sounds like a fun family weekend and glad you made it home safely.

  2. Awesome time on your race! And sounds like Corom & Scott are still so entertaining to watch. Those two are quite a pair. Excited to see how fierce you’re getting in your training. U go girl!

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