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Running, Boston News, Kindy 500…

March 8, 2015

Friday: I met up with Danny this morning for a little over 10 miles. I was tired this morning… Well I wasn’t tired but my legs were! 

Corom and I hung out at the girl’s school all morning. It was the Kindy 500… Corom played Abe Lincoln for one of the stations…

 and I was one of the helpers that took a group of kids around from station to station. They started off with a parade and then went to 7 different “stations” to learn about our country. 

The kids loved it… Well so did Corom, until he had to take his beard off. He super glued it to his face. :/ 

Yes… It hurt for him to take it off and did make him bleed in a few spots. 🙂 Corom went straight to work and my 2 younger girls and a little girl I babysit went back home for cleaning and playing. Soon it was track practice… The mid-distance and distance runners had a tough workout today. For the distance, they ran 2 x 1 mile and then 2 x 800’s (downhill). The mid-distance ran 8-12 x 350’s at a 1% downhill slope. This workout is tough because it’s all faster than what you would normally do on a track. 

They all ran well… A few were unable to finish the workout but that is expected. The Fullmers came down (once the girls were in bed) and we were able to watch a movie. 🙂 

Saturday: I met up with Beth and went out for a 18 1/2 miler. I felt great at times, lousy at times, and times where I was able to pick up the pace for about a mile. Overall… It was a good run. Thanks Beth for running with me! Today I took a child to the doctors (I love that the doc office is open on Saturdays)… 

I lost a child (my youngest; at our own house)…

I eventually found her asleep under the big bear. 🙂 And the girls and Corom gave our dog “Kitty” a bath in this awesome weather we are having…

My youngest informed us that she had a splinter that needed to be taken out. I don’t know when she got it but it had to have been at least a couple of days ago. :/ 

To finish off this day, I’m going to post a quote I saw that I need to keep in mind (especially the last 10k of the marathon)! 

Sunday: Today was church. It was another good church day. The kids were for the most part good. We had a couple of families over for dinner and then had a game of pool before the girls went to bed. 

I was able to sit down and check my emails… I opened one up from the Boston Marathon… I was so shocked to read the content of the email!!! :

 Dear Jennifer Hughes,


The 2015 Boston Marathon will again conduct a separate start for the top female competitors.

Based on your qualifying performance you have been selected to participate in the Elite Women’s Start (EWS) for the 2015 Boston Marathon. There will be approximately 40 open women and 15 master’s women competing in the EWS. 

I am way excited because maybe I will be able to brush arms with Kara Goucher or Shalane Flanagan or whomever. This is where my insecurities and doubts set in! I am no where near their level and don’t even consider myself at an “elite” status at all. Anyway… I was shocked and excited! Time for bed!!! 

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  1. Congrats! You are sooo elite status and you better believe it. In fact, you should just begin referring to yourself as an elite runner. I a so incredibly excited for you! And I love that quote you found. Sounds like a good mantra to keep in mind when near the end of a race. And super glue?! Ouch!

    • Thanks Sarah for the confidence in me! :/ yes… The super glue was so funny! Only Corom… Well and maybe Rock, too. 🙂

    • Thanks Sarah for the encouraging words! I need it… You are always so positive!!!

  2. First of all, the super glue made me laugh so hard! And secondly, what an amazing runner you are !! Congrats on your “elite” status & the invite to run @ Boston! You’re an inspiration.

    • Thanks Ashley… It will be a fun experience (well fun until the marathon starts ;)). Yeah… From the looks of it… It hurt to pull the beard off. Always entertaining.

    • Thanks Ashley… I’m a little bummed because I am not racing Boston. I am using it as a training run for my race in June. 😦 I will still start with that group of ladies but will have to settle into long run pace. Thank you for your confidence in me… I need it!!!

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