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March 10, 2015

Monday: I went out for a easy run this morning… 

I felt ok during the run. I think my body is so tired right now from uping my miles and doing speed workouts. I hurried home because a couple of girls wanted to come over for breakfast (waffles and eggs) before school starts. 

It made my girls get ready super fast this morning. 🙂 As I was packing up the girls backpacks, I noticed something in my oldest’s pack… 

She has a picture of the boy she likes… :/ Gosh… It’s starting already. 🙂 I thought it was cute. I did have fun with 2 of my good friends today. Stephanie and Camille hung out, all the kids played (I also had the 2 kids I babysit today), we had dance parties, ate food, etc. 

Soon it was track practice… My youngest got right in the middle of it all, my oldest decided to sack out on the lawn in the middle of it all and the other 2 played around the bleachers and in the sand at the long jump pit. 🙂 

The distance runners went on a easy 6 miler with strides at the end. Corom took our youngest out on their “date” and then for Family Night we walked to the pond with our neighbors… 

 Then we headed over to another neighbor’s house for s’mores…

We had a hard time putting the girls to bed tonight! With the time change and sugar high… We had no chance of getting them to bed! 

Tuesday: I had a speed workout today of hill surges. :/ I wanted to get 12 in so I ran 6 miles before I began 15 x steep 45-50 second hill repeats. It’s about an 8% grade up. I wanted to stop at 8, then 10, then 12… By the time I got to 12, I knew I could run 3 more. My legs hurt (and they were the achy sore throughout the rest of the day). I did cool down for 2 miles. That felt so good knowing I had no more hills to run up. 

I helped in my 2nd child’s class today. It was so much fun! 

I was able to take my 3rd daughter out on our little date (my youngest was invited over to a friends)… So it was nice to spend time with the 3rd daughter. 

I did have a track meet this afternoon and the girls had a babysitter with them. The HS kids ran and competed so well today! It was a good 1st meet. This will be a fun season. 

It was really a fun competitive meet (fun watching the distance runners from our school battle it out)… I finally got home and helped put the kids to bed. Then a few friends came over for the Finale of the Bachelor. A very late night but always fun to watch and hang out! 

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