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Track Meet, Art’s Fair, Running… 

March 13, 2015

Wednesday: I met up with Amber for a nice 10 miler… 

It felt good this morning. I came home to babysitting (6 extra kids) throughout the day. All the kids just played while I got things done around the house (well at least tried :)). Stephanie and Amy hung out for a little while and it was nice! I took the girls to their piano lessons and then headed off for track practice. It was an easy 7 mile run for them today. 

Corom had to work late tonight and I had a church meeting at my house and then went on visits (4 different people). 

Thursday: I started off my day with a 12+ miles with Amber. It was a good run! 

Corom, the girls and I went to the school early to help with the Arts Fair registration. My oldest worked on a “animal kingdom” made out of clay. 

Shortly after, I headed for the temple (with 4 other friends) to do a session. It was great! Corom was off for the day so he agreed to pick up our 2 youngest from preschool and Kindergarten along with 2 other Kindergartener’s and another little girl from a different preschool. I know… Kind of a lot but that’s how it is. So he was nice enough to volunteer to do it, so I could go to the temple. Well…. I checked my phone when I got back into the car. Umm… 9 missed phone calls and 10-11 text messages… All from the school, preschool, office ladies, etc. Yeah… Corom took a little cat nap right around pick up time. He was only 20-25 min late picking everyone up! :/ 🙂 The girls painted rocks and decided to sell them (for 1 penny). 

 They made about $1 I believe. 🙂 I am thankful for the people that stop! I had to run off to track practice… About 20 minutes later I see my youngest (4 yrs old) running on to the track (barefoot). I realized it was just her! Yep… She ran about 1/2 mile from our house to the school without Corom knowing. :/ 

Honestly… I don’t know what to do with her sometimes!!! She is always in trouble but she doesn’t care! We went to the Art’s Fair this evening and then stayed to watch the performing arts. A lot of talented kids! My 2nd daughter wrote a poem for the literature section. And as I stated earlier, my oldest did a 3D art out of clay. 

It was a late night after the cleanup of the arts fair and trying to put the girls to bed. I was tired today! 

Friday: I went out on my own today with a long tempo run… It was tough but I have a track meet on Saturday so I knew it would be hard to get a long run in on Saturday. I ran up the Harry’s Hill loop… totaling 15.2 miles. 

 I wanted to make sure I averaged about a 6:50-7 minute pace this morning. I did have a good downhill for 2 1/2 miles… That always helps! 🙂 I watched a couple of kids today and then we headed off to the school’s assembly (the PTO was putting it on for the Art). It was fun for the kids to be able to show the rest of the school their projects, paintings, literature, performances, etc. 

I left for a track meet while the girls played at a friend’s house. (Thanks Marti for taking them!) I headed off to a relay track meet… Every race and field event was a relay. Something fun for the kids. It is a Friday and Saturday meet. They did well today! 

The top left corner is of a young man that signed up for the 4 x 2 mile. He has been training with the sprinters but he signed up to make it a full team to help the other 3 distance runners. 🙂 (Today all the freshmen/sophomores raced, while the varsity field events took place… Tomorrow it’s opposite.) You can see the coaches are hard at work… 🙂 We were actually by the javelin throwers (helping with that event) with some of our female javelin/field eventers (if that is even a word) warming up with hand stands… Or something like that. At home, Corom and I sat down with the girls and watched a movie… A late night for them. 🙂 Now it’s time for bed for me! 

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  1. Wow you manage to fill your days to the brim. And with napping husbands and runaway children it is a good thing you are fast!

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