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Track Meet & Family Fun

March 15, 2015

Saturday: I woke up so early this Saturday morning to go on a 10 mile run with Amber. Today was my easy, recovery day. I had to go out early because I had to get to a track meet that was an hour away and it started at 9. I was able to finish in 1:14.33. After feeding my kids and getting them ready for the day, I took off… Corom and the girls spent the morning/early afternoon cleaning and hanging around the house. I hung out at the meet (it was the varsity day for the relays). They started off with the 4 x 2 mile. We ran it so well in both the male and female division. 

This meet is always fun to watch… They had the 4 x 1 mile, 4 x 200, 4 x 400, 4 x 100, sprint medley, distance medley, throwers relay, all field events relay… I know that I’m missing some events. 

The team performed really well! We have some great talent and great kids that are willing to fill in anywhere! We had a thrower jump in the 4 x 1 mile to fill the team. She did really well especially for not ever running a mile before! I do believe we won the meet on both the girls and boys… But I did not hear what the results were, so I could be wrong. 

One of the team captains did bring a grill up… The kids brought their meat for them and the coaches brought up theirs… 

It was a great lunch. 🙂 The track meet meet ended pretty early… So I was home by 2. It was back to cleaning, playing and breaking up fights (amongst the girls)… 

(This is my 3rd child… My 2nd oldest decided to use her finger nails against my 3rd child’s neck. :/)… Yeah… She was in big trouble! The sad thing is that that is how it is here! They play, they fight, play, fight… All day long! We did have a few families over for dinner. All the kids played after eating, while we were able to visit. It was a nice evening! 

Sunday: Another Sunday at church. I really enjoyed the lessons and talks that were given today… Just stuff I needed to hear. I was feeling a little blah this morning so it was nice to go and leave feeling better! We visited with a few people today and ate dinner with Corom’s family (at his mom’s house). His sister is visiting from Florida with her family, so it was good to see them. 

This was a picture I took of my 3rd child… I guess she couldn’t wait to change out of her dress after church. 🙂  We did have a lady come inspect our house for the Foriegn Exchange Student program tonight… We will be taking one for a week out of the month until school gets out (to help out the family that is hosting her now), but not until April. Other than that… Nothing else is going on but getting to bed. 🙂 

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  1. I think almost all siblings play like that. My brother and I used to do that all the time. We used to play “Karate Kid” which meant kicking each other until one cried for a parent. Rock and I see this happen all the time in the park with siblings playing and having fun but we both look at each other and think Uh Oh because we can tell that any moment it is going to take a turn for the tears. All this kid stuff is sounding really fun……. 😉

    • Sarah… All the kids stuff is a lot of fun!!! But there are times I do just want to give up! 🙂 I really am so excited for you 2. Kids make life a lot more worth it if that makes sense. I thought that when I married Corom, that nothing could get better… Until we had our 1st daughter. 🙂 it’s fun and hard!

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