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St. Patrick’s, Track Meet, Speed Work, School Stuff & More! 

March 18, 2015

Monday: I went out for an easy run! I tried to stay closer to the 8 minute pace. There are times that I just pick up my pace without realizing it and I make my easy run into a moderate (not fully recovered) run. 

 I felt good after this run but just noticed that the second half, I picked up the pace. :/ I babysat today (5 extra kids) and then headed off to track practice. We had to set up for the meet that is being held at our place tomorrow. I sent the distance runners on a 7 1/2 mile run (we train through these smaller meets) and went out to the field and began putting flags up with some of the other coaches and athletes. 

I took my 2nd child to SEP’s (parent teacher conference) right after practice… She is doing really well in her class! 

We (Corom and I) had one of the other coaches kids come over for dinner and to hang out, while he finished setting things up for the meet. The kids all played and we had dessert and family night together. 

This is our wonderful turtle game. 🙂 it does wonders! 

Tuesday: I had to do a speed workout of 9 x 800’s. :/ Jeff was able to join me… It helped a lot. We ran a 2 mile warmup and then began the 800’s on the road (the 1st 350 with a 1% downhill). It helps get the leg turnover going. Our 1st was a 2:33, 2nd: 2:34, 3rd: 2:35, 4th: 2:38, 5th:2:38, 6th: 2:37, 7th: 2:38, 8th: 2:35, 9th: 2:32. We finished with a 2 mile cool down… Totaling 13 miles. The 1st 2 800’s were fast. Too fast… I knew I had to slow it down because I did not want to be dead for the last 3-4… I, surprisingly felt really good doing this workout. It did help having someone to chase and pace off of! Back at home, it was the hustle of getting kids ready for school (for St. Patrick’s Day). We have so much going on today at the school that I needed to be there an hour early… (I usually take 3 kids to school everyday, so they, too, were ready to go early). We (The PTO-PTA) had green donuts and milk for the kids (and parents if they were able to make it)… 

I was going back and forth from this pastry event to the Book Fair… 

 Yeah… Corom and I were a little over the top. :/ I’m just glad our girls are still young enough not to be embarrassed of us yet. Because you know… This will never change. 🙂 

I went back throughout the day to help with the book fair. We had a track meet at our HS today. There were 3 other schools that came to compete. I was able to take a few pictures of the meet but not many because I was in charge of the finish line. I love having the meets at our school but then again I don’t because I can’t “coach” the kids as well. But everyone did really well. 

For some reason, the sprinters decided to jump in the mile race… Yes… They were way entertaining! 

I hurried home right when the meet was finished, to the traditional corned beef & cabbage meal. 🙂 The Barneys came for dinner. I was a little late coming home… Everyone else was done already. 

Corom and Travis took off for the YM’s activity (they were taking a tour of the jail… Where Corom works) and Megan, the kids and I hung out for a little while. Soon it was bedtime… 🙂 

Wednesday: I went on a easy recovery run this morning. I went out for 1:10.22. I don’t know how far I went but I felt good. We (the girls and kids I take to school and the 2 kids I babysit on wednesdays) all arrived at school early again. I helped in the book fair again while all the kids looked/hung around. 

We (Megan and I) went around and did RS visits and at lunch time I went back to the book fair at the school (with my 2 youngest and the 2 kids I babysit). The girls (my 2 youngest) had friend over and soon after we went to track practice… 

Then to piano lessons, then home with homework, dinner, showers and bedtime routine… Corom works late tonight and so I’m going to bed. 🙂 

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  1. You amaze me with everything you manage to fit into a day/week. Your St. Patrick’s Day looks so fun and festive. I ended up painting my nails green because I couldn’t find any green clothes (I dread seeing if I can still squeeze into things!). That corned beef and cabbage looks delicious!

    • Corned beef and cabbage are so good!!! Oh the fun times of being pregnant and having everything tight. 🙂

  2. debtrisforkona permalink

    Those 800s were sooo fast! And to feel good the next day is a great sign!

    • Well I normally do them by myself so I know by having someone there made a huge difference! I wish every speed was like that! Thank you.

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