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10k Race, Track Meet, School Stuff & A Gross Picture… Sorry :)

March 21, 2015

Thursday: Amber and I went out on a 12 1/2 mile run up Harry’s loop and ran Amber’s pace for a tempo down. The tempo miles were 6:29, 6:28, 6:26 and 6:36. The overall run took about 1:30.22. It was a good run. Once again the girls (neighbor kids that I take to school) all left early for the book fair (I helped again and of course the kids love to get there early to look around.  

 I came home a little while later to see Corom, Mike & Kitty (our very pregnant and very needy English Mastiff) all hanging out… 

  Then the 2 decided to “sunbathe” out on the front lawn…. It was a little embarrassing when the JH kids got out of school and would walk past our house. :/ They looked a little weird. 🙂  

 I had track to run off too, Corom manned the house… And then I took 2 of my girls to their SEP conference (parent/teacher meeting), brought dinner for the teachers and helped a little longer in the Book Fair room. My 2nd child went to a bday party…  

 A busy day…but when is it not… 

Friday: I went out with Mac and Amber for an easy 7.2 miler. It was very nice!!! We ran for 55:47 and that is when I said I was done. One of those mornings of just not wanting to run. I worked at the Clarion Event Center today for a few hours… We set up for a wedding dinner and then I helped prepare food for an event that Elizabeth Smart was speaking at. I was bummed that I couldn’t go to the event but I had a track meet this afternoon.  

 The girls had a blast playing with their friends (at a neighbors… Thanks Camille) and with a babysitter. At the track meet, we had some excellent performances!!! Our kids ran well and competed hard. It was an exciting meet to watch and I wish I could talk about everyone. We did have kids qualify for State (this was the 1st meet they could qualify) and some that broke the school record. Our male miler was one of the kids that broke a school record and missed State qualifying by .2 sec. :/ He ran a 4:24.2 mile and the time to hit is a 4:24.0.  

 As coaches we had to work the long jump, so that is where we spent most of our time, but that was so fun to watch. The female jumpers took 5 spots out of the 9 for finals. Great talent (amongst all the schools)… Our head coach went above and beyond to clear the board for these jumpers…  

 I was able to take pictures of some of the jumpers… 

 We had lots of help, the teammates cheered hard for their teammates and we were able to BBQ again… 

 We got home a little later (8:30), I got the girls ready for bed and shortly after (about 10) went to bed myself. Corom left for the evening to go camping with the scouts. 

Saturday: Where do I begin… My morning started off at 1 a.m… My youngest came to my bed (a little earlier) and wet the bed. :/ Then 30 minutes later our dog began to freak out (in the garage) by barking and growling… She doesn’t normally do that at night, so I got up to let her out. She flipped… There was a man between our house and our neighbors so with a flashlight. I, too, pretended I was a man and yelled “Hey”… I didn’t see where he went (and it could have been nothing). He was calling out a name, I’m assuming for a dog, but who knows. It is nice have a massive dog to scare people away. That lasted for about 45 min to an hour (our dog was way worked up and I guess you could say, I was just a little nervous going back to bed, especially without Corom there). Kitty went back to bed (in the garage) and I did too. But then, I got up shortly after, and I’m sorry because this is going to be graphic and gross, but my stomach was churning… I had diarrhea and began to puke. I know it had to be something I ate because the rest of me felt fine. A few more times of getting up before my babysitter came (at 4 a.m.). :/ I headed down to St. George, Utah (about 3 1/2 hours away) to go race in a 10k. I was meeting Corom and Mike about an hour and twenty minutes into my drive. On the way I had a few stops to make… Once again sorry, a little graphic!  I took a picture just for the blog… :/ 


We finally made it to the buses (the last 3 buses) and up to the start with 20 minutes to spare. Once I got to the starting line I knew I wanted to race. :/ I don’t know what is wrong with me! I was able to get about 1/2 mile to maybe a mile in before the race. (I wanted to see how my stomach would hold up.) The race began and I took off… The 1st mile was all downhill. I looked at my watch when we got to mile 1 and read 5:36. K… I knew I had to back off because the 2nd half is not down hill. 2nd mile, I came across at 11:29, 3rd mile was a 17:30, 4th was a 23:34, 5th was 29:28, 6th was a 35:32 and I finished with a 36:35.9. (A 5:53 pace). At mile 2 my stomach began to cramp up… I just kept thinking, 4 more miles is nothing and if I were to slow down it would take that much longer to be done. Yes I was glad to finish. I ended up taking 1st with a lady not too far behind. The top right pic is of the lady that took 2nd place (36:59).  We ran a 2 mile cool down and then I had to stop (about 9 miles total)… I wanted 13-15 today but I knew that wasn’t going to happen. 

 Mike and Corom ran well (57:07 and 57:08). Wherever they go, they are always goofing off!  

 We made the drive back and finally got home around 3:30. The girls had a blast with the babysitters! They made treats (muddy-buddies… One of their favorites), watched a movie and built a huge fort.  

 I was able to sneak a good hour nap in before making the girls their dinner. I’m still not feeling the greatest and I know after last night, my body is so tired! It was a pretty quiet night… Which was nice! I just ache all over… No fun! I was hoping the race would help me sweat it out, whatever I have. 

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  1. Yikes! Only you would get sick all morning and then win a race. I was just waiting for that part as I was reading 🙂 I totally understand though. I would want to race too. Great work and congrats to your runner on that incredible mile….so close! How incredible would it have been to be able to hear Elizabeth Smart speak?

    • Thank you! I love seeing the HS kids race. It is so fun! Elizabeth smart is coming back in a couple of months and the same lady is catering… I told her she better call me!!!

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