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The Normal Routine… More Miles Than I Wanted…

March 24, 2015

Sunday: We all went to church today (Corom had his meetings before so we just met him there)… My youngest was a little difficult today!!! :/ But that’s not a shocker… After church I had a meeting (the girls came with me and played with the other kids) and Corom went to visit a family. We then headed up to the Fullmers (with the Barneys) for dinner.  

 It was an okay Sunday. I was still not feeling 100% and I was just tired today. 

Monday: I did get a 10 miler in this morning. I wanted to stop at 5 or 6 but I just wouldn’t allow myself to stop. :/ I have issues that way! But I guess many of us runners do. If it’s on the schedule… Then we have to do it!  

 I ran errands this morning, neighbor kids came and played and then soon it was off to track practice. The varsity runners had a speed workout while the JV runners went out on a 5 mile easy run. They have a track meet tomorrow and the varsity runners have a track meet this weekend.  It was a tough workout today… There were a few that couldn’t finish (they weren’t hitting their marks so I pulled them)… But that is how this workout is. It is key to hit your times! 

  We had our home teachers come (we used it as Family Night) and then Corom took out our 3rd daughter on their “date” (they went to the pet store to buy crickets for the snake the girls caught :/). After I took out our 4th on our “date”. We went to the local store and got an icecream cone, then went to visit our elderly neighbor (with an icecream for her).  


I went to bed early tonight!!! I think by 8:45-9, I was in my covers. 🙂 

Tuesday: I had a hard time getting out of bed (maybe because I knew it was a speed day). I started with a 4 mile warmup and then began 5 x 1200’s. I struggled with today’s workout! I don’t know if my body was weaker from the weekend and my loss of appetite for the past few days or what, but I had to push through every 1200! (It’s actually a little shorter than a 1200… It’s about .71-.72.) My 1st was a 4:02, 2nd was a 4:02, 3rd was a 3:58, 4th was a 3:59, and the 5th was death but I came across at a 3:57. I did run a 3 minute recovery between each 1200. Then I finished off with a 2 mile cool down (11 miles total).  

 I had a few friends come hang out today (which was much needed), a few neighbor kids over, and I was able to get some cleaning done (which was much needed)… Then it was off to track practice. Coach Vantassel’s and I stayed back with the varsity runners, and 2 other coaches went to the track meet with the JV runners (I hope they took pictures)! I decided to run with the distance runners to get a few more miles in. Yeah, I put in too many more miles! My plan was to just run 3-4 miles with them but then I got to a point that I had to finish the loop.  


 Towards the end of the run, I was done (mentally)! But I guess it’s good to get the extra miles in… :/ So I ran 19 miles total today. Ouch! We went and did our tax returns tonight and then it was bedtime! 

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  1. Runners in general are a stubborn bunch. I would have run the miles too because it said to. I think the ice cream date sounds way more fun than the cricket date. And you let them find a pet snake?! You are a good mom. That would never fly in our house. In fact our lake house in Michigan kept getting snakes in one of the rooms and Rock became the great white snake hunter!

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