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Great Workouts, School Activities & Playing Hard

March 27, 2015

Wednesday: I met up with Beth for a 9 mile run. We ran about a 7:24-7:40 pace for each mile (well except for my 1st). On my Mapmyrun I had…  

 Mine is always a little off time when I run with someone with a garmin. :/ It shows that my miles are faster by 2 to 3 seconds. Oh well… It was a good run. Today was more of a relaxing day… I didn’t do much cleaning, the girls did have friends over but I didn’t pay much attention to them today. :/ Oh I did take my youngest to the park today…  

 So I guess I did do something, somewhat productive. Soon it was time for track. The varsity guys/girls did a Fartlek run over a 7 mile route (90 seconds fast, 60 sec recovery, 60 sec fast, 60 sec recovery x 5). The JV runners went on a 7 mile recovery run.  

 In the evening, I went on RS visits and then the girls and I went to bed. Corom works late tonight. 

Thursday: I met up with Amber and we went out for 10 miles. Once again my “mapmyrun” was off by 2 to 3 seconds from her Garmin. Mine was faster. So weird!  

 I came home to my 2 oldest girls holding their pets…  

 Yes… The snake is a little creepy! My oldest found it and now it is her pet. I dropped the girls off at school and headed over to the JR High for a talent show (a couple of girls in my neighborhood asked if I would come watch). They did really well… Very cute, fun girls!  

 I then went on more RS visits. We had a good time visiting more ladies today. I met up with a few friends at the park. My kids loved it! It was nice for me to hang out with other adults.  

 Soon it was track again. 🙂 The Varsity runners went on a 6-7 mile recovery run and the JV runners ran the workout the varsity ran on Monday. 🙂 I had 1 kid throwing up, a couple laying on the ground and a couple more hanging over the bars wanting to puke. Love this workout!  (3 x 400 at 2 mile pace with a 100 jog when finished then a 100 sprint, 2 x 400 at mile pace with the 100’s, 2 x 400’s at 800 pace with the 100’s and a fast 400)…

 Tough workout… Good kids! Corom and our oldest went out with the Activity Day Girls (the girls between 8-11 in our ward/church), shortly after dinner. They all wanted to ride in our bus. :/  


Friday: I went out on a longer run today because tomorrow I have to be at a track meet all day. I won’t have too much time in the morning to run long… So I combined a 14 mile run with a good tempo. I kick myself because I should have started my stop watch when I began my tempo to match up the times. With mapmyrun always being a few seconds off… It would have been nice to compare each mile marker. The 1st and 3rd mile was a good downhill. The 2nd & 4th was flat and the 5th was flat and slightly up. (My tempo began from mile 6-11) I felt good and my legs were so tired after this workout! Like I mentioned earlier… The times are probably a little faster (so I will know to add on 2-3 seconds). 

 I was glad to be done… The girls had an assembly first thing this morning (the Star’s Award assembly). All 3 girls earned their award this morning. They were excited to get it! 🙂  

 After helping with the assembly I went to my kindergartener’s class to help with their spring fling. I don’t know how teachers do it all day. After an hour of the assembly and an hour of being excited and animated in the classroom, I was tired!!! The Kindergartener’s had a great activity at each station. 

 I watched a couple of kids after school and then a friend came over and hung out (thanks Emilee).  


Then once again headed off to track practice (I didn’t have to bring the girls today… Corom came home early). 🙂 They all went on a easy run. I went into the weight room with one of the mid-distance runners (she is injured :() to do pull-ups. K I have not tried doing a pull-up since, oh maybe high school…  I didn’t even know if I could. (That’s Amber and she did so many of them like it was nothing)… I struggled to get 2 with my hands over and 3 with the hands under the bar. I was able to get 2 sets of that. I have to admit that I was excited to be able to do them. 

  We did pizza and movie night with our neighbors…  

 The kids (and neighbor kids) love movie night… Well so do I… It’s quiet! 🙂 

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  1. Good speed on that last run. I’m hoping to crack 6 min sometime

    • Try to use a downhill (early in your training plan) for your tempo part. It trains your body for the leg turnover and your legs will remember how fast it went for the next time. I hope this makes sense… But thank you!

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