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Running, Track Meet, Easter Eggs… 

March 30, 2015

Saturday: I set my alarm for 4:45 a.m. :/ On a Saturday… We have a huge invitational track meet today and the bus leaves at 6:30. I decided not to take the bus, so I could get a decent run in, shower, etc and then make the 30 min drive to the meet (mile race starts at 8). So I went out for a little over 11 easy miles…  

 I was able to come home, get ready, get my girls ready and make it to the track meet by 7:45. The HS kids ran good miles… Most of them not their PR (I think only 2 PR’d this morning), but still ran fast times (I only had 6 qualify for this meet in the mile… 3 girls and 3 boys… It’s a tougher meet to get into and it’s based on their times.) The 800’s were next for the distance part of the meet (which was a few hours later)… The 2 boys that qualified had good races. I PR’d and the other was so close but then hit a wall the last 100. It happens. 🙂 The 2 female racers from our team ran great 800’s. They both looked strong! The 2 milers were the 2nd to last race… Oh this was a fun race to watch. Our top female and male both had huge PR’s and qualified for State!!! (He ran a 9:33 and her time was a 11:24.) It was so exciting. They looked great and did not let up. The other 2 male racers ran strong. They also PR’d. They ended off well.  

 The rest of the team competed well! Our girls team took 1st overall (there were about 15-20 teams)… This is just the beginning of the season, so it’s hard to see how we are ranked in our region…  

 Of course, we had to BBQ! There was also the steeple chase at this meet. Always a fun race to watch. You will always see our top distance runner turn back and congratulate every other racer on the track! He is a good kid! I had to hurry off to a meeting with a few others… We are setting something up so I can began coaching/writing plans for beginners to elite runners of all ages and distance races (800 meters to marathon). I’ve been writing plans up for a lot of people lately and I really enjoy it. So we shall see how that goes. While I was out today doing my stuff, Corom and the girls went fishing…  

 Yes, they had so much fun! My oldest and I went to the women’s broadcast later on in the evening. We had a few neighborhood (teenager) kids come over for a movie night (they use our house to come hang out at). 

Sunday: Today was a great day. The girls wore their Easter dresses to church that grandma Maria sent them. They looked so beautiful. My kids are really cute!!! 😉 I’m sorry but here are a lot of pictures…  

     It took a while to get a picture where all 4 would cooperate. Church was everything I needed to hear (testimony meeting). And the 2 blocks after sacrament meeting was great. We had the Barneys over for dinner and then Megan and I went out on our “visits” for RS. When we came back, our hubby’s and kids were everywhere. A few other neighbors stopped by to hang out when they saw us goofing off… It was a nice evening!  

 Our youngest got into trouble; my 2 oldest thought the cops were going to come get her. 😉  

 It’s nice to see that they were truly concerned for her. 🙂 Shortly after they all went to bed. 

Monday: I went out for a little over 11 miles this morning.  

 I had A PTO meeting (where we ended up at Simply Juicy for a smoothie), I babysat for a friend of mine, went VTing, my friend Camille came over to hang out for a little while and then it was off to track… The distance runners went on a 7 mile run today. We have a meet tomorrow but it is a smaller meet, so we train right through it. Then they ended up in their gym for some pull-ups…  

 We did have a few families over for dinner and Easter eggs… (There is a new mom and her 2 young girls that moved in… We had her over with another family that had kids the same age as hers)… It was fun.  

 We had a short little Easter message and then the kids played the famous “Turtle” game (something Corom made up). Good times… 

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  1. Those Easter dresses are adorable. Love them! Looks like you have quite a track team this year. How exciting.

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