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To Many Days Without Posting! 

April 4, 2015

Tuesday: I had a hard time waking up this morning and I had a no desire to go out and run. I was slow getting out and slow getting up to the starting point of my 800 speed workout. It was a 2 mile warmup run to the start (15:48). Now I know I mentioned this before but I do my 800’s on a very slight downhill… Maybe a 1% if even that (for the 1st half while the 2nd half is flat). My 1st 800 was: 2:38; 2nd: 2:39; 3rd: 2:38; 4th: 2:36; 5th: 2:36; 6th: 2:37; 7th: 2:36; 8th: 2:39; 9th: 2:33; 10th: 2:31. I was able to run back to the starting point to finish off the mile with 7 of them being between the times of 6:01-6:13… 3 of them were 6:16, 6:16 & 6:17. I was tired and my calf muscles were burning! I was glad to have finished the workout and ran a nice 2 mile cool down back to my house (14:06.8). I was amazed how much different I felt from the beginning of my workout to the end. I’m glad I pushed through this workout because I felt so much better once I was finished. Once I dropped the girls off at school, I met with the principal for PTO stuff. I took the girls to the park to play around… 

 We had a track meet today that we hosted at our school. It was with 2 other schools (a small meet)… But it was a great speed workout for everyone.  

   The meet went by fast and I was home by 6 to help with homework and bedtime. 🙂 

Wednesday: I went out for a 10 mile easy run. It felt good after yesterday’s workout.  

 My youngest and I went to the Retirement center (old folks home) for a little message and visiting. We went with Megan & her daughter and our neighbor, Vickie. It was nice.  

 Track practice was an easy 8 mile recovery run and my girls played in the sandpit for practice (well and they had piano)….    For April Fools, I was able to get my girls with way salted pasta! Corom tried to get me today with putting something in the shower head… But of course I didn’t fall for it. We know each other to well to be able to do anything. Corom was able to get quite a few people at the jail (with his chocolate covered cotton balls).  


Thursday: I met up with Amber and went out for a 13 something mile run. I helped pace her for her marathon time.  

  It was a good run! My left calf is feeling a little sore but nothing to worry about… Yet! I helped in my 3rd daughter’s classroom and then helped with the book exchange (PTO stuff) right after.  

 Shortly after, Corom and I went to cafe rio while my mother-in-law took my 2 youngest to McDonald’s. It was nice to go out with Corom… It’s been way too long! I left for track (and Corom helped all the girls with homework and after school stuff)… The kids went on an easy run (we have an invitational/ track meet tomorrow).  

 One of the kids trying to scare the coaches… Didn’t work! 🙂 We had the Paices over this evening (they have 5 little girls). They all just ran wild and played around…  


Friday: I met up with Danny for a 10 mile run. It felt good!  

 I had many errands to run before I had to head off to the track meet. My girls went to different neighbors houses throughout the day until Corom got home… So thank you everyone for helping out! The HS kids did really well at the meet today!!! There were 10 other schools at this invitational. I had a couple of kids qualify in their races for State. They all looked great. We were able to win the invitational in both the males and females… It was exciting!  

   And there was plenty of entertainment!  

 We didn’t get back until late. We took in a Foriegn exchange student this evening for a little over a week… Hopefully she doesn’t go crazy here… But what do you do. 🙂 

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