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A Great Run & Easter Fun! 

April 5, 2015

Saturday: My alarm went off at 5:15 a.m. Not happening this morning! I decided to sleep in. :/ We attended a baptism at 8 this morning and then I went for my 17 miler at 9. I decided to try out music for the 1st time ever in my running career. 🙂 Holy Crap! Where have I been? I loved it!!! I didn’t realize how fast I was going until I was done.  

 I really enjoyed this run (I did take a Gu at mile 7)! We had a Easter Egg hunt with a bunch of neighbors (in between general conference sessions)… It was a lot of fun.  


 Later this afternoon we took the girls hiking. The Foriegn exchange student and the Fullmers went with! Mike, Corom and Mike’s daughter went rock climbing…  


   In the evening I watched my friend’s kids and Camille Burk came over with her girls. The guys went to the men’s session in conference (in the bus) and we had pizza, cookies and a movie. 🙂 Once the girls went to bed, we got ready for the Easter Bunny to come. 

Sunday: It is Easter! 🙂 Corom and I went to bed way late and got up early! The Easter bunny did come but he hid all of our baskets…  

 The Easter Bunny knows how much Corom and I love Reese’s peanut butter cups. The girls 1st went through the basket that grandma and grandpa Hansen sent out and then they went through the Easter Bunny’s basket…  

 We had a nice breakfast and then enjoyed General Conference… Well the girls were a little noisy and hyper but that is to be expected. We drove little goodies around to some neighbors, walked around the pond…  

 and then watched the 2nd session of Conference. We went up to Corom’s mom’s house for Easter dinner and an egg hunt… It was great food, great company and an even better Easter egg hunt. My 3rd child made out with $24, my oldest $8, 2nd oldest $1, and my youngest $6. With lots of candy as well.  

 We had a nice, lazy Easter! It did take a while for the girls to go to bed though! Too much candy and excitement for the day! 

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  1. What a wonderful Easter. I always loved this holiday as a kid. The baskets, the eggs, and dressing up for church! I’m excited that we can have a bunny visit next year. And that was your first run with music?! Rock talked me into trying it a few years ago and I couldn’t believe what a difference it makes. It really does change your focus and can get those feet moving. Happy Easter to you and your family.

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