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Beginning Of Spring Break & Leg Soreness! 

April 7, 2015

Monday: I was able to sleep in this morning… Spring break starts today and so HS track practice was moved to the mornings (7:30 a.m for this week). I went out for a 3 mile run before I met up with the HS kids and ran an additional 8 miles with them. My Achilles felt tight during this run (and throughout the rest of the day). I’m worried about it because of all the research I did online for Achilles issues. Hopefully I can get it under control this early on! :/ It was a good run, though.  

 Today is the Foriegn exchange students birthday, so we went out for snow cones…  

 Then we headed off to the Bean Museum…  


 My youngest some how shut the movie off in their little theatre room. :/ It’s always my kids! 🙂 I ran to the chiropractor (Dr. Crockett) for an adjustment (foot adjustment, too, for my Achilles). I had it scraped and lasered.  As I was in there laying on my stomach, I thought the doctor started to massage my butt… A little weird but I wasn’t going to question it. I finally looked up and saw it was Corom. :/ They (Corom, Dr. Crockett and one of the assistants) started to laugh because it took me a while to look up (it felt nice… Why would I look up?) 😉 

We made a cake for the Foriegn exchange student, had the Fullmers over and celebrated her birthday.  

 The Halls came over for a little while. Sarah worked on my Achilles and calf, then checked out Kitty (our English Mastiff). She should be having puppies any day now!  


Tuesday: I met up with Walter, Beth, Dana, Ty and Nate for a run. I was supposed to go 14 miles today with 3 x 2 mile tempos. Instead I ran a 3 mile warmup, 2 x 2 mile tempo and a 2 mile cool down:  

 Walter and I did take off… I followed him and just tried to stay with him on both sets. I know for our 2nd set we averaged a 5:45. With my Achilles, I decided to stick with 2 sets only. Ugh! This is driving me crazy. I did have to hurry back to make it to track practice. I sent the distance runners off to do 3 x 1 mile repeats. It was tough!  

 After practice, about 40 kids came over for breakfast (the sprinters and field eventers, too)…  

 I ran over to a friend’s house (Jossie)… She scaped my calf, ankle and Achilles so good, that tears were streaming down my face. It hurt so much but it felt better after (well a different kind of soreness). I took the girls swimming at Rachelle’s indoor community pool. Amber, Amber & Heather also showed up with their kids. The kids had a fun time…  

   I went in for a 30 minute deep tissue leg massage at the chiropractor’s office shortly after we returned home from our swim…  

It felt so good and something my legs needed. If massages weren’t so much money, I would be here once a week! I’m hoping all this work will help me out in some way! We shall see! We went up to the Fullmers after dinner to try to catch a lizard or salamander of some sort…  

 They didn’t find it, but they had fun looking! We came home and had movie night as a family. 🙂 Pretty low key night! 

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  1. It sounds like you are being very smart and proactive. I hope you start really feeling results soon. Rock laughed out loud while eating breakfast this morning and when I asked him what was going on he said I needed to read this post. He thought the Corom butt massage was hilarious. Always boys at heart right?

    • Yes… Never a dull moment with Corom! :/ The poor doctor! 🙂 and thanks… I hope it goes away soon… I’m biking today just to give my legs a break. We shall see!

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