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Boston Bound

April 19, 2015

Saturday: Well I went out for a little over 9 miles. Throughout that time I had so many different thoughts going through my head. Here are just a few, “I can totally run Boston; Oh crap, no way for Boston; I don’t know if I would even be able to run 26.2 miles at this point, I’m too tired; Oh, that hurts”… It was like that the entire run.  

 Once again, I was unable to go faster and push off on my calf, so I just stayed at that time range. :/ I still have not decided at this point if I’m going out or not. At home, I hurried and got ready, helped get the kids ready and then I headed off to a track meet while Corom took the girls to a church activity (a little fair). At the track meet the kids ran well! The girls took 1st overall and the boys took 2nd (out of 11 schools).  

 I stayed until the last possible minute and made up my mind to go to Boston. My calf is sore from all the work done to it and sore from the injury, but I hate to be out money and be depressed the entire weekend. 🙂 I went straight to the church to meet up with Corom and the girls (to help round them up)…  

 I hurried and finished packing, then off we went. I was so happy to meet up with others that are going to Boston! (They didn’t know I took their picture)… :/  

 But people who know me, know that I hate flying and flying alone is even worse. I did tell them that I was going to tag along to our next connecting flight. 🙂 2 flights later and I arrived to my Boston destination.  

 I flew with Southwest and it was great! That flight attendant was amazing. He had us laughing throughout the flight … And of course, you know we are getting on a flight with a bunch of runners when you see a good chunk stretching while waiting to board. I got in around midnight and went straight to bed. (The other 4 in my hotel room were already asleep.) 

Sunday: After a big (free) breakfast at the hotel and hanging out for a little while this morning…  

 Some went to the Red Sox game, some went touring and I went to enjoy the festivities of the expo. I met a lot of people (it’s amazing when you are walking around by yourself, how more aware you are of people around you… I was definitely out of my comfort zone but was able to meet a lot of people because of it).  

 At 1 p.m. I met up with Amber Green (and a few others from Utah… Scott Keete, Fritz and Katie) for a Elite Racers meeting. I am so bummed about my calf because just being there was way exciting!!! I had Men and Shalene Flanagan dying to take a picture with me. 😉  

 (That truly was amazing meeting both of them!!!)  Amber and Katie below were so fun to hang out with. Amber is going to try to OTQ tomorrow! She really is amazing! 

 It was fun to walk around the streets by the finish line and to take in the whole Boston feel. I’m glad I came out but a little nervous to see what tomorrow brings. :/ Many Utah runners met at the finish line at 5 p.m. for a group picture. It was so fun meeting up with many of them!  

 We walked around more, went to go get our free pasta dinner but realized it was an hour to 1 1/2 wait, so we went to a cafe.  

 It was great! We headed back on the T (train)…  

 Back to the hotel and got ready for bed. Some man saw my number and asked if he could take a picture with me. :/ I had to laugh because I am nothing compared to these other runners! 🙂  

 It’s going to be an early morning. Back at home the: my oldest threw up a couple of times. :/ I’m so sad I am not there for her. Corom said things are going well (I guess as they can be… Hopefully no one else gets sick). Other than that, they are having a good time!   

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  1. Go get em! We’re cheering from afar!

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