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Lots Of Track (HS & Youth), Healing & Everyday Stuff…

April 17, 2015

Thursday: I went out for my 1st run since last Tuesday. I was actually really nervous to go out and test out my calf/Achilles. I was able to run 6 miles. It was bitter-sweet!!! It was great being out here again but I felt very sluggish, heavy and I felt like I lost “rhythm”… If that makes sense.  My calf was way sore still… I don’t know why I was expecting anything different. I did stay at a slower pace… A couple of times I did try to pick up pace but my calf would flair up (so I ran flat footed pretty much the entire run- even up hill). :/ But it felt great to run! Now could I hold it for 20 more miles. :/ I still have not decided if I should run or not run Boston!!!  

 All I have to say is that I am so glad my days are so busy!!! I am trying to hold it together with my issues of not running and possibly not running Boston and technically I should be on my 2nd week of my 10 week training plan for Grandmas marathon in June. But with my days being full… I don’t have time to sit and think and to dwell on it. When I did get home from running we all helped my youngest do a boxcar for her preschool class. So cute! (Granted, she brought the car that was least worked on by her parents, but I like it that way because the kids had fun working on it.)  


Corom and his friends (Mike and Jason) have been working on the van Corom bought awhile ago (with our bus). They finally got it up and running. They talked me into taking it for a drive… I could not stop laughing with the awesome driver’s seat!!  

 I will have to admit… It was nice being able to rock back and forth every time I stopped the car. 🙂 I did head off to another doctors appointment (one last appointment) with Dr. Brady (Provo Sports & Family Chiropractic). He did acupuncture, a laser treatment, put heat on it, put some herbal treatment on and wrapped my calf up. 

 We had a good and not so good chat afterwards. I asked him what I should do… Hop on a plane in 2 days or not. I wanted a direct answer. He answered in a round about way… He did say it is very risky running a marathon on Monday. Even if I were to take it “easy”… There is nothing easy about running 26.2 miles. I could (obviously) do more damage and have to spend more days in recovery. But I could be ok come Monday. So he said he would hate to tell me to be cautious and careful and come Monday, I would be feeling ok. :/ That doesn’t help… Except when he said, “if you are focusing now on the race in June, this should be a no brainer and a nothing race.” But it’s Boston!!! :/ And I paid for it and flight tickets… What to do. He did say not run on it at all tomorrow (or any form of exercise), so now I will wait until Saturday morning to decide. Yep… It is cutting it close!!! I did hurry off to track practice… Corom was also going to help coach 2 kids (that made it in the Decathlon meet) with the pole vaulting. Our district does not have pole vaulting, so it was fun watching Corom help these kids out… Using a broken javelin and a high jump bar. 🙂  

 They did well… Now we will see how they do with an actual pole vault and pit. Right after the HS track, the city youth track program started. We have about 50 kids that have signed up. I head up the program and the HS team (and other coaches) help with the practices. It really is a lot of fun!  

 My kids were pretty tired when we got home… By 7:30, they were all sleeping. 

Friday: I didn’t get up early to exercise but I did get up early because that’s what our kids do. :/ So by 6:30 3 out of the 4 girls (and my 3 year old neice who we have until Saturday) were all dressed and ready to go. That’s a good thing and a bad thing! Yes they are ready but there is also a lot of time before school starts to make major messes, eat at least 2 breakfasts, etc. 🙂 I watched my friend’s kids today, along with my neice. We walked with the kindergarten class to the nearby park… There we had a picnic, fed the ducks and played on the playground. The kids had a great time!  

 The rest of the afternoon, I cleaned and packed (just in case I go to Boston) while all the kids played (mine and the ones I’m watching). I had 2 babysitters come after school to watch all the kids while I went to a track meet. The kids ran well… Today was the 1st day of a 2 day meet.  

 Later on, we (my family, the Rudds and the Petersons) took the bus and drove to our local grocery store for icecream.  

 Good times! Now time to get ready for bed and get everything ready for tomorrow! 

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  1. How’s the calf feeling today?

    • It feels a lot better today. I had another laser treatment. Granted I didn’t run or bike today. I will go out tomorrow morning to make sure I don’t feel any sharp pain! That will be my deciding factor. Thank you so much for asking!! I’ve been so up and down this past week, so I appreciate it.

  2. Your van reminds me of my high school ride. My parents bought me an old van that had captain’s seats that swiveled in the middle and a couch in the back that laid down into a bed. In college I took many a nap back there. I had a few male friends in high school who liked to do less than savory things on the weekend and I had many an offer from them to buy the thing as their weekend party van. Oh yes and it was so big it had two gas tanks. Really fun drive for a teenager!

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