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4 Dennis The Menace’s, Biking, Track, Puppies… Life! 

April 15, 2015

Monday: I was able to ride on the bike for 1:30 minutes today. It felt good but still not the same as running! :/ But I am trying to stay positive and keep up the training. Camille and Stephanie came over for a bit to hang out. It’s always nice to have them come over! At track today, the kids went on a easy 6 mile run and finished with 5 strides (we have a meet tomorrow). My kids had a good time at practice…  

 I did take one of our puppies to the vet today… It is not doing to well. :/  

 Corom stayed up a good chunk of the night trying to help the pup. It ended up not making it. 😦 This whole puppy thing is so hard… But it has been fun to feed them and care for them. 

Tuesday: I rode on the bike for another 1:31 minutes. I then hopped on the elliptical for 15 min. Gosh I sure hope my dang calf will heal by Friday!!! I’m giving myself until Friday to decide if I fly out to Boston. At school today my youngest was in the “spotlight” for her birthday. She was so excited!!!  

 I went to Josie again to go get my calf scraped again. It hurt so bad but felt good when she was done.  

 I just hope it will do the job for this weekend!!! We had a track meet today… The kids did well. It was extremely windy and cold! The other coaches and I tried to stay warm throughout the meet. 🙂  

 And then of course… There’s the puppies. 🙂 so cute!  

 Nicole, Amy and I watched a movie at Nicole’s house, while our husbands were at our house fixing our car. It was nice to sit and veg and just to stay up late! 

Wednesday: I hopped on the bike and rode for 60 min. This is getting old! Tomorrow I will try to go for a run to see how it feels. After getting the 3 older girls off to school, my youngest and I picked up my 2 year old neice. We are watching her for the rest of the week. My girls are excited. The 3 of us (and Barbara and Sarah) went to the Beehive home (old folks center) to visit and to do a little lesson. The girls were really good! 

 I went to my mailbox to grab my mail… All I have to say is poor mail lady because I have 4 Dennis the Menaces!!!  

 The girls found a dead snake before school and apparently put it in the mailbox. :/ Gosh… I will have to wait for the mail lady tomorrow to apologize! I will admit… It is kind of funny! For track it let the distance kids go on a 55-60 min adventure run. A group of the kids came back all muddy but they loved it!  

 I went out with Barbara, Megan and Amber to do RS visits around to the neighbors… We had a good time tonight. It was fun to run into a few neighbor girls walking there pig. 🙂  

 It was a nice night… Corom worked late tonight, the girls went to bed really well and I hung out and watched TV. 🙂 

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  1. If I was your mail lady I would never deliver your mail again. I have a crazy fear of snakes even the garden variety! It’s silly I know. Hope the achilles is improving. I’ve been thinking about you and hoping you are feeling some relief.

    • I know, right? The poor mail lady! Well I will run tomorrow to see how my leg is doing and then decide if I will be flying out to Boston. 🙂 Thanks!

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