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My Youngest’s Birthday & The Joys Of Having Puppies… :/

April 12, 2015

Saturday: I got up early enough to go to the gym to ride the bike (for 1:16) & use the elliptical (10 min). I would have stayed on it longer than 10 min if it weren’t my youngest daughter’s 5th bday! We got the puppies situated and Corom, the girls, Foriegn exchange student and I headed for a little picnic, playground fun, tractor ride, animal fun, & walk around Wheeler Park.  




 We came home to our neighbors across the street, son, building a swing set in our backyard. All of their kids are older (so it’s an older swing set but it’s awesome) and they were going to get rid of it anyway. He asked us in the fall if we wanted it… Well today he brought it. What perfect timing!!! Happy birthday! ðŸ™‚ Of course we totally used it as a gift but we had to say it was for all the girls. We also came home to our puppies looking a little scrawny and weak (a few weaker than the others) :(. We decided to bottle feed a couple of the weakest ones. That seemed to help out. We went to our 92 year old neighbors house (it’s her bday, too)…  

 Later We had brownies and icecream and then the whole presents thing.

 There was a lot of crying today from my youngest but I blame that on Corom! He kept telling her all morning that it was her day and she can do what she wants. :/ Not good with our youngest!! She definitely does not understand Corom’s sarcasm! After the girls went to bed, We (the Fullmers and Corom & I) went to a late movie to see McFarland. It was so good! It was nice getting out. 

Sunday: We woke up to a couple of the puppies dead. 😦 They all seem scrawny. We are making sure that they are latching on to mom (Kitty). So many people say that it’s normal for a big litter like that for a couple to not make it. :/ We headed off to church (Corom came home to make sure the puppies were nursing and he bottle fed 1 of them). Our friends the Halls came over for dinner and to help us with the pups. She looked over Kitty and realized that she is not providing any milk (well a very low supply). Pretty much the pups are starving. I ran to the store (well I wish I could run… Drove to the store) and picked up bottles & puppy milk. We spent the rest of our evening nourishing the puppies back to their normal weight. 😦 These poor little dogs! It was amazing how much 1 bottle made… They immediately changed and acted like normal puppies! So now our adventure begins! The girls didn’t mind because they just played all afternoon (on their new swing set). 🙂 


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