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April 23, 2015

Tuesday: My alarm went off at 4 a.m. I quickly and quietly got up, got ready and left the hotel room. My flight leaves at 5:50. The hotel shuttle took me and a few others to the airport and off I went on my journey back home… The great thing, I ended up being on a flight with 4 people I know from home. 🙂 2 of them live about a mile up the street from me. So we all sat together.  

 After 2 stops, the 3rd one landed in Salt Lake. The Johnson’s took me home and I made it just in time to pick the girls up from school (the 2 younger ones were at a neighbors). We went straight to a track meet (for the HS)… 

 It was a relay track meet. The kids like doing this one… I wasn’t able to stay the entire time because it was the youth city’s track practice. Corom and I met up there and with the help of 2 others, we were able to teach the kids a lot!  

 We finally made it home, made waffles for dinner and the kids and neighbor kids played with the egg launcher. 🙂  

 It was a long day but it is good to be home! 

Wednesday: I am still way sore from Monday’s race. So I rode the bike for 1:01.09 this morning. My youngest and I headed to the Beehive home (old folk’s center) for visiting and a RS message. My youngest got a little carried away with the camera. 🙂 

 My good friends came over to hang out… We had lunch and the kids played. 🙂  


I headed off to track practice… The distance runners went on a 7 miler at a moderate pace.  

 The girls and I went to the Barney’s house for dinner (Corom has to work late tonight). Travis watched all the girls while Megan and I did RS visits. We were able to go to 4 homes and it was very pleasant. Great ladies/families!  


Thursday: Well, I went out for an easy 6 mile run. It was “forced”… Nothing smooth about it.  My calves are so tight (especially my left), but I am glad that I was out running! 

 Corom had the day off… I went with my oldest on a field trip to the Tulip Festval. It was really fun to spend that time with her and to see her interact with her friends.  

 The gardens were beautiful!!!  

 The class had fun and our group of girls were so cute!  

 Corom helped in our 3rd daughter’s class (kindergartener) this morning. After I returned home we began organizing and cleaning. Corom was outside with the girls when I heard a scream. I ran out there and my 3rd daughter was holding her head with blood all over. :/ The slide that Corom was putting up fell on her head. 😦  

 We called Mike (our pediatrician) and he was actually on his way over to our house. He told Corom to meet him at his office and they would stitch it up real quick.  

 I ran to track practice for the HS kids… I have no idea what they are doing but I decided to take a picture of this anyway. 🙂 

 Right after HS track ended, the city youth/kids track began.  A couple of the HS track kids stayed and the head coach (Thompson) stayed to help out. My girls loved it… Well my 3rd daughter just hung by my side because of her head. 

 After I ran my kids home, I quickly headed over to the church for a RS activity (a dinner and 2 mini classes on organizing and gardening). It was nice visiting with the ladies. 🙂  

 I have not been home that much today!!! It has been so busy. I told Corom he was going to hate me today since I have not been home that much, but I was with the kids all day. 🙂 

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  1. Busy, busy, busy. And that is quite the gash on the head. Always good to know a doctor! So glad you made it home safely. I bet it was great to be back!

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