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Doctor, Track, New Addition… Etc…

April 26, 2015

Friday: I went out for a 7 1/2 mile run… I have no idea what my pace was because I did not start my watch. I felt better than yesterday, so that was a good thing! After I took the older 3 to school, my youngest and I went to Dr. Brady for more leg work… It was painful but good going to.  Because of running the marathon, my upper calf was swollen and inflamed…

 I had acupuncture and some type of laser/shock thing set up. Oh it was uncomfortable… My calf would twitch and move and it was the weirdest feeling.  

 I should not have looked at my leg because I hate needles and seeing them poke out of my leg was a little creepy. Dr. Brady told me not to run until Monday. :/ For track today, the kids went on an easy 3 mile run and ran 5 strides to finish off the workout. We have a big track meet tomorrow, so the kids just needed an easy shakeout run.  

 The girls and I went straight to their elementary school to help decorate all the teacher’s doors for teacher appreciation week (it is next week).  

 The doors were taking a little longer to decorate than what we anticipated, so I took my girls home and 5 other kids to feed them dinner and to watch them until the decorating was done. My girls loved it! Grandma and Aunt Kymbra (and her little boy) stopped by for a visit…  

 We had movie night with the girls and then we watched a movie (I fell asleep for more than half of our movie). 🙂 

Saturday: I woke up early to head out for a HS track meet. It was a cold day with rain and wind at times. The kids performed well and our girls team placed 1st out of 48 teams. They are doing so well. We do have a few (girls and boys) that are trying to fight off injuries… We just have 3 more weeks of the season and are hoping they can stay healthy for that much longer!!!  As you can see, plenty of blankets were brought and plenty were shared. 

 As mentioned above… The kids performed well! A few more PR’s and a few more qualified for State!  

 We did have a few delays at the meet today. One being an injury to a little girl who split her head open on the bleachers (the ambulance on the track) 😦 ; and the other due to lightening and thunder. On both occasions it totaled about an hour to hour and half delay. (For the lightening we had to go inside and wait it out). But we still finished the meet out… Even With wind gusts that would blow our tents away. Oh the joys of track meets. The girls were excited to bring home a trophy! 🙂 

 Corom and the girls had quite the day… I will have to say that I came home to 9 (or maybe 12) new baby chicks. :/ He first made them clean all of the downstairs, then they went across the street to the pond to catch more fish for their snakes.  

 Then they went to the candy store (in the bus with g-goat/grandma and aunt Kymbra and her new baby)…  

 Somehow they ended up at the tractor store and bought a bunch of baby chicks for us to raise. :/ Awesome!!! Let me just say that I was a little surprised to come home to that. Our dog, Kitty, loves the chicks. She just jumps right into the box as if they were her babies!  

 It was quite the day! We hung out when I got home and then it was bedtime. 

Sunday: We went to church (Corom had to go to some work thing) and then the girls and I went to leave after church was over…  

 It took us a little longer to get home. Thank goodness for Camille! She is always prepared and knows what to do. 🙂 At home, the girls and I visited a few neighbors and we had a few visitors here. It was a nice Sunday. I’m tired and am going to go to bed real soon… I’m going to run in the morning! 🙂 

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