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So Much Going On! 

April 29, 2015

Monday: With Corom being gone, I had to run around my block (5 times) just so I was near the girls. :/ I did get in 8.38 miles in 1 hour. I came home and immediately iced my legs. So cold and so painful!  

 I heard my youngest screaming for my help… I went into her room and she was stuck hanging in her closet. Not surprising! The girls and I went to school a little bit earlier to finish decorating a couple of the teacher’s doors and then Megan, Barbara and I went on RS visits. 🙂  

 For track I sent the distance runners on a 7 mile easy run…  

 The girls had friends over (and they stayed for dinner), then soon after they went home, we had family night with a couple of families.  My oldest taught the lesson and the other girls helped with the songs, conducting and prayer… 


Tuesday: I did the same thing as yesterday… Ran around my block a few times.  I didn’t have a lot of time to run so I got in what I could. 

 My calf is sore but I still am able to run! While the girls were in school, I had the opportunity to serve at the open house for the new LDS Payson temple. It was so peaceful and beautiful in the morning before we began letting people through. It was a neat and fun experience and I was able to meet so many wonderful people from all over.  

 When my volunteer shift was done, I met Camille at the school to pass out little gifts for all the teachers. Camille made them all… They turned out so cute!  

 The girls and I went to track… The girls hung out and played. The track kids had a hard speed workout today.  They ran 2 400’s, 2 300’s with a 100 meter jog them a 100 meter sprint; back to 1 400, 1 300 w/ the 100 jog, 100 sprint, 2 200’s. They were long recoveries in between each interval. So these were fast! 

 Right after this practice, we had the City track youth practice. The kids had fun and they loved it when I brought out the Popsicles at the end. My 3rd daughter did get a bloody nose during the practice… It was a bad one!  

 I had a babysitter come tonight so I could go to a movie with some friends. It was so nice to get out and hang with friends. Right after steph and Camille stayed and helped me cut up fruit for the teacher & staff breakfast tomorrow. 🙂 It was fun!!!  

 Corom came home late tonight. It was nice having him back. 🙂 

Wednesday: I got a 7.9 mile run in.  

 My calf bothered me a little bit more today. :/ oh well… What do you do! I hurried and got ready, got the girls ready and headed off to school early to set up for the teacher/staff appreciation breakfast. It turned out really well!  

 After the cleanup, I headed over to a friends to help put together the Mother’s Day gifts for our ward. It was a lot more fun than I anticipated. I am not very good at crafts but I enjoyed putting together these tile things.  I took the girls to the park with a few friends and then the girls sold painted rocks in front of our house. The jr high got out shortly after they set up. :/ surprisingly they made $3.75! I don’t want to know how much they were asking for!!! At least it kept them entertained! 

 For track today, the distance runners went out on a 5 mile recovery run. I had to run my girls back and forth to piano and activity days.  

That mask is used for elevation (or something like that)… It just looked funny so I had to take a picture of it… I had a meeting (at my house) for RS and then we went and visited a couple of people. Corom didn’t have to work late tonight so it was nice being able to go on visits and not having to worry about the girls and a babysitter. 🙂 

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  1. Glad you are starting to get some relief. Ugh, ice baths! You have quite the entrepreneurs there!

    • Yes the ice baths are miserable!!! Thanks Sarah. I don’t think I will make it out for grandmas. 😦 I now might have to shoot for Chicago…

      • Bummer about Grandma’s but I totally understand. Chicago is a great flat course. And we will be there :). Let me know if you need anything.

      • Oh I’m glad you are going to be there at Chicago! Thanks Sarah!

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