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Fitting It All In :) 

May 2, 2015

Thursday: Well back to no running this morning. Ugh! I took the girls to school, picked up my neice (I’m watching her all day), and then headed to my doctor’s appointment for more needles & electricity. :/  

 I ended up watching 3 extra kids after Kindergarten (not including my neice) for a few hours… My friend Stephanie stopped by to hang out and then I helped her with her running (& form). She looked great! Soon after, the girls and I headed to track practice. It was a very easy day due to the big meet this weekend.  

 I left practice a few minutes early to head out to the city’s 1st youth track meet. The whole meet is major chaos but so much fun! My oldest ran the mile, 4×100, 200 and did standing long jump.  


My 2nd daughter ran the 4×100, 50 meter, 100, 200 & 400.  

My 3rd daughter ran the 4×100, 50 m and did the standing long jump.  

My 4th daughter ran the 50 m and did the standing long jump.  

 They all did so good and it was fun to watch! (Their ages are 8,7,6 & 5)… I love that they like it. Starting them young. 🙂 We didn’t get home until a little after 9 (of course we had to stop off at Wendy’s to get a frosty). We were all tired.  


Friday: Another day without running. I am going to go crazy!!! I hate not being able to go every morning and not being on a plan! I got the 3 older girls off to school… G-goat (grandma) went with my 2nd daughter on her field trip to the zoo. It was nice that she went because I had so much going on and it helped me not to have to decide on what to do (especially with Corom being gone this week)…  

 My youngest and I went to a huge invitational track meet… I was able to watch the 2 milers before I had to head home (but that was the only distance run of the day- which worked out perfect with the day that I had).  Both of our runners (one male and one female) ran huge PR’s this morning. He ran a 9:24 and she ran a 11:12. They both looked so smooth! You have to qualify to get into this meet and the times are so competitive… It is hard to do! My youngest had a great time! 

 My youngest and I quickly left and went to my Kindergartener’s class for pet day. Of course, my 3rd daughter, wanted me to bring a puppy, a snake and a baby chick…  

 I, then, had to go to each classroom to hand out gifts to each teacher. We dressed up as Super Heros and ran into the classrooms (my 2 younger girls and another little girl I watch on Fridays were our special helpers)…  

 Good times in the PTO (PTA). I did get a picture of my Kindergartener in her cap and gown. So cute!  

 My oldest made her 1st blanket with no help from me!!!  She did such a great job! 


Saturday: I set my alarm for 6 a.m. but I didn’t have to use it because my oldest got up at 5:30. :/ She was invited to a birthday party yesterday (which is being held today). My oldest rarely ever gets invited to parties and I used to think that it didn’t bother her or that she didn’t know about them (I knew about most of the parties due to the fact that I am way involved in the classrooms and school functions). But on one of our one on one dates, I brought it up in a non caring way (like it was no big deal) and she really opened up. She said it makes her sad and hurts her feelings but that she understands that not everyone can be invited (she went into more detail but that was the main point). So when her friend from class (on Wednesday) said she might be invited to her party (for Saturday), oh I was hoping and praying that she would. My oldest kept asking the rest of Wednesday, all day Thursday and the morning of Friday if I had heard anything from her mom. That was so hard to say no each time (and I didn’t want to ask her after school if she did get an invite) but I would talk to her about it and about herself because I want to make sure my girls have great self esteem. A couple of weeks ago I heard the 2 older girls talking in their room. My 2nd daughter didn’t get invited to a party (and it really isn’t a big deal but it does stink)… But I heard my oldest telling my 2nd oldest that it will be ok. She went on to say that she should always remember to be nice to everyone because there are other kids that need friends. It was the sweetest thing I have heard from my daughters. I love that they look out for each other even though they fight a ton!!! Well yesterday she came running to the car with an invitation. 🙂 She was so excited. So back to my early morning… She got up at 5:30, showered, made a sweet looking birthday card and finished getting ready by 6:15. I have to leave for a track meet by 7:30 and I can only imagine how it’s going to be for my friend, Amy (she is taking the girls until 11 before a babysitter can come)… My oldest asked me at least 3 times, in that hour, how much longer until the party starts. :/ Sorry Amy! 🙂 So I left for the track meet. I was able to meet up with 4 other coaches to go for a 6.2 mile run (in 43:37). It was a great run and good company.  My calf began to hurt going into the 3rd mile… This is driving me crazy! 

 We returned just in time for our milers… We had 2 females and 3 males qualify for this meet in the mile… 3 out of the 5 PR’d, but they all ran well (one of the females had to drop out due to a foot injury :(). For the 800, 2 PR’d and 3 came so close to PRing. All the rest of the kids (in field events and sprints) performed and competed well.  

 My dad came out here for my little brother’s graduation (he just got his masters)… So they (my little brother & his cute family) came over with my dad. We hung out for a little while before they had to leave. The girls loved playing with grandpa (and of course my neice)! 

 Corom got home in the late afternoon (about 4ish) from his camping trip (with his friends and brother). They had a great time! I will post more pictures tomorrow…  

It was nice having him home this evening!  

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