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Family Time & Of Course Track & Running :) 

May 5, 2015

Sunday: I was able to sleep in this morning. Corom left for his usual 7 a.m. church meetings and I stayed in bed for a good half an hour after that. I let the girls get their own breakfast this morning. 🙂 My sister & her family, my brother & his family, my dad and my Aunt Georgia were all coming over for dinner tonight. We are BBQing, so the kids went outside to check the grill…  

 We were a little surprised to see what was underneath the lid! Good thing we are using our charcoal grill! Soon after, It was off to church… Church was really good today. It was fast Sunday and my 2nd child went up and bore her testimony. I don’t know how she is so brave! We came home from church and walked in to this mess… :/  

 I don’t know how our dang dog got in but I wanted to beat her at that second! I cleaned it up, then got things ready for the Fam… It was fun having them here! My dad is in town because my little brother graduated with his masters (we were sad my mom couldn’t make it out). But we had a good time hanging out; we walked around the pond near our house…  

 We then took a little ride on the bus to the new Payson temple…

 It is so beautiful! Shortly after it was time for everyone to leave and for us to put the kids to bed. Love that time of day! 🙂 just before I went to bed, I checked on the girls… That cannot be comfortable!  


Monday: I went out for a short run. My calf felt good today. I was so excited to finish off my run with no pain at all (a little tight but nothing to worry about). I wanted to go longer but I knew I shouldn’t so I headed home.  

 I wanted to sing the rest of the day!!! 🙂 I did go to a PTO meeting (for the elementary school) and then a few neighbor kids came over to play until I had to go to track.  

 I liked the shirt this kid was wearing (of course I had to send it to Corom ;)). We have our region meet in 2 days, so the distance kids went on an easy 5 1/2 mile run. For Family night, we had a few families over. We had a friend of ours go over 72 hour kits. It was so good to review this and to be prepared because Corom and I are not and with 4 kids we need to be!!!  


Tuesday: I went out for another great run this morning! I ran into Mac & Amber for a good chunk of my run.  

 Oh I hope this keeps up!!!! Fingers crossed! I took the girls to school and then met my 3rd grader at the HS for their Hershy track meet. She had so much fun!  


 Shortly after this was over, I had the HS track. I sent them off on a 2-3 mile run and ended off with 5 strides.  

 Right after this practice ended, I had the youth track practice. It is so good that my kids like track. I would be in trouble if they didn’t!  

 Thank goodness for the HS kids that come out and coach! These young kids love the HS kids! I did have a RS thing to go to. We made pizzas with the graduating seniors. Amazing young women!  

 I came home to a clean house (thanks so much Corom), the 2 younger ones asleep and the 2 older ones in bed but talking. 🙂  

 They made a bed in their closet to sleep in for the night. They are so cute! 

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  1. Hooray for healthy running. Fingers crossed that it continues. I was so happy to read this. And oh my goodness with the dog mess. I have started leaving Louie when I go for short errands. I dread coming home to that one day. And that temple is absolutely beautiful. There is a temple across the street from my doctor and it is sooo big and beautiful. Always makes me think of you.

    • Puppies are a nightmare! Sarah… I am in heaven right now with being able to run! We went and walked through the Temple today and you were brought up. 🙂 we were talking about how sweet and thoughtful you are.

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