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Region Champs! 

May 7, 2015

Wednesday: I went out for another good run. My legs were sore but still good to go. 🙂  

 I wanted to go further but the last mile my calf was feeling a little tight so I just turned in and headed home. Still not a tightness to worry about. 🙂  I ran a few errands with my youngest today and then watched a couple of neighbor kids. (My youngest and I looked at elderly living places for my parents… They are talking about moving, so I went looking :))….

 Shortly after I headed to the school to catch the bus for our Region Track Meet. This is the 1st day of a 2 day region final meet.  

 What a difference of moods from the drive to the meet from the drive home! They were so nervous and quiet on the way down and complete opposite on the way back. All I have to say is what a excellent day of competing!!! We thought we were going to be in stormy rain weather (it was raining pretty hard all before the meet started… We were huddled in our little tent listening to the rain fall)…  

…but as soon as the races began, the sun came out and held off until the last race finished! Perfect!  All of our kids (in distance, sprints & field events) performed well! Many of the sprinters made the finals for tomorrow and most of the distance runners PR’d in the mile. We had a couple of more qualify for State (in the mile). The field eventers killed it in all of their events today (on the girls and guys)… Many PR’s and a few school records broken.

 We left the meet with both (male & female) in 1st place…. We will see if we can hold onto it for the end of tomorrow’s meet. Now it’s time to head home, rest up and come back tomorrow for more competing. The kids will be tired so hopefully they will be smart and go to bed early! The girls had fun with the babysitter today and our puppies are getting big!!!  


Thursday: I met up with Danny this morning for my run. It was beautiful!  

 The run was great… My legs felt good today with no tightness in the calf. 🙂 I wanted to go more but knew I needed to stop. 

After the kids went to school, Barbara, Megan and I met up and put Mother’s Day gifts together. Then I went to my Kindergartener’s class to help.  

 I watched a few neighbor kids today (which is always nice because they entertain my kids :)). Shortly after I headed off to our 2nd day of the Track & Field Region finals. Once again the weather held off for us. And once again, the kids performed well!  

 They ran, jumped, threw so well that it earned them 1st place for Region Champs in both the boys and girls. 🙂 It was awesome! Such a fun meet to watch!  

 We had many qualify for State (next weekend), many PR’s and many school records! I had to hurry off to my 2 older daughter’s piano recital. They played really well. I was proud of them.  They were so excited when they finished. 🙂 

 We came home to our door being decorated from some of the kids from the team… My girls really liked that!  

 Well it’s late and I need to go to bed! It was a great day! 

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