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Graduation, Temple Tour, Dentist Visit, Running & More

May 9, 2015

Friday: I went out for a good run this morning. I felt good.  

 At home, we had to hurry and get the girls ready.  We took them to the Payson temple open house to do a walk through before school started. It was amazing! The feeling of peace was so strong walking through the temple with the girls (and our neighbor boy :), I take him to school in the mornings so we took him with us)… I just knew that families are forever. It was a neat experience for our girls.  

 We went out for donuts after the temple trip and before we dropped them off at school…  


Our youngest had her pre-school graduation… She was so cute in her program!!!  

 Her teacher is so amazing… I am so sad that we won’t be having another child go through her school anymore. All my girls just adored her!  

 Corom had a dentist appointment today and I was able to squeeze my youngest in… She was complaining about her teeth. Well after x-rays and a quick check of the teeth, she has 6 cavities- 2 of them root canals. :/ She is only 5 years old!!! It is going to be expensive! 😦 We had to re-schedule her dental work for a few weeks from now because she has to be put under. Corom on the other hand was getting a root canal taken care of. There goes all of our tax returns. Good times! 

 Shortly after, Corom left on a camp out with the YM’s/scouts for the night. They took the bus down to Goblin Valley… Always an adventure! They ran out of gas on their way down. Fortunately, they were at the top of the summit and Corom was able to coast the bus down to a gas station (1/2 mile away). The boys loved it! He (Corom) then ended up swallowing the cap on his tooth that he just got in today. :/ That made me laugh when he sent the text. They had a great time hiking and hanging out.  

 For me and the girls… We had movie night. Marti T and her kids came over to join in the fun. 

Saturday: I was able to get a 45 minute run in. With Corom gone, I stayed close to the house. It was a beautiful morning! Before I went out for my run, I slammed my finger in the door. Oh, it hurt!!! When I returned home, I realized my finger bled a lot!  

 I cleaned up and the girls and I headed to the church to get things ready for Mother’s Day. It was fun spending time with these amazing ladies… Always a good time!

 I took the girls to Christensen’s Loop right before lunch to have them run around. I had to get some of their energy out! We ran walked for about 20 minutes.  

 The rest of the afternoon, the girls and I cleaned and played until Corom got home.  

 Corom took the girls to the store (for Mother’s Day stuff) and I visited a friend of mine in the hospital.she just had her adorable baby. We got a babysitter for about an hour and a half so we could go to dinner with the Barney’s and the Fullmer’s. It was Travis’s birthday a few days ago, so of course we had to celebrate. We came back to the house after dinner and had some birthday brownies. I ran into my old boss at dinner. It was so great seeing Ralph!!! I worked at Sundance Ski Resort for 13 years… He was the best!  


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  1. Ugh the dentist. I keep putting that off. That graduation outfit is way too adorable! I’m so glad you are running and feeling good again but what a bummer with that finger. Ouch! I have had some serious pregnant clumsiness lately πŸ™‚

    • Oh the fun times of pregnant clumsiness!!! That makes me laugh just thinking about it. πŸ™‚ how is the pregnancy going?

      • Great so far. We are 24 weeks in and I’m loving most everything about it πŸ™‚

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