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Mother’s Day

May 11, 2015

Sunday: Mother’s Day today! 🙂 Corom told me I had to stay in bed until him and the girls got breakfast done. I was totally ok with that… 2 hours went by and in those 2 hours was a lot of noise, chaos and fighting. (So a normal morning :)). I decided to get up and get ready before I headed out to see what I could help with. To my surprise, this is what Corom and the girls (mainly Corom) came up with for breakfast… 

 It was simply amazing and I was so full by the time I was done. He made crepes (with sausage and sautéed vegetables), fruit smoothie, fruit bowl, Yogurt with chocolate chunks, toast, orange juice and then 3 dessert crepes (chocolate, caramel & whipped cream with strawberries). Oh it was heaven!  And I ate 95% of it. :/  

  The girls wrapped up school made, home made & $1 store gifts for me. 🙂 They were so excited to give me their gifts!   

We were in a little bit of a rush getting to church… A little hectic but we made it on time. Oh… Every year the girls always make something for me to wear on Mother’s Day and something for Corom to wear on Father’s Day. So this year, I got to wear a set of wings. :/ Awesome, right? In church today for Sunday school and RS, all the women met together and socialized, ate (more food :/), and had a nice lesson.   

For dinner, we went up to the Fullmers (with the Barneys) and the husbands made all of us (moms and kids) dinner. It was really nice and fun to hang out.   

 Our 2nd daughter wanted her tooth to be pulled, so Corom got the tweezers out and yanked her tooth out.  



Monday: I met up with Jeff and went out for a 1:23.43 minute run. I felt good. I don’t know how many miles we put in but it was a good run.  I didn’t have a whole lot going on today… I watched my friend’s Kindergartener for a while and my friend Camille and her little girls came over. We went for a walk around the pond and just let the girls play.  

 My 2 younger girls and I walked to the elementary school to pick up the 2 older girls. It was a beautiful day out!  

 I went to track practice and sent half the kids on a few mile run (all the JV runners that will be racing in the JV meet tomorrow) and the kids that made it to State all had a speed workout. (2 x 400’s, 3 x 300’s, 3 x 200’s).  

We had family night, cleaned the house, yard and car. Fun times around here! 

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  1. That breakfast looks so good. It looks like a professional chef made it. And I love your wings! We always think it’s great that you guys wear your Father’s Day and Mother’s Day gifts to church (not sure I want Rock encouraging that tradition in our house!). Looks like a really special day with a super special family.

  2. DONT start that tradition! 🙂 I do fear Mother’s Day because of what they come up with. No… It is fun and the people at church love to see what they have made. Thanks Sarah! Happy Mother’s Day to you too!!! 🙂

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