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Lots Of Running/Track… 

May 14, 2015

Tuesday: Jeff and I went out for a 58:04 minute run. I don’t know how far we ran but I do know it was over 7 1/2 miles… I dropped the 3 older girls off at school and my youngest and I headed to the HS to help with The Hershey track meet and to begin setting up for the JV track meet (our school is hosting it).  

 Yeah that is one of our javelin throwers attempting the hurdles. 🙂 We hosted the JV meet… It went smoothly and we were able to finish it pretty fast!  We had the State Qualifiers help us out at the meet. It was a huge help. 

Once the meet ended, we had the city youth track. Many of the HS kids stuck around to help with that! The little kids love being around the HS kids. It is fun to watch them interact!  We have amazing kids in this community!!! 


Wednesday: Amber and I went out for a 8 mile run in 1:02. 34. It was so great meeting up with her… It has been a while since we ran together. The rest of the day, I did not have too much going on so I was able to get cleaning done. 🙂 My 2 younger ones went to a friends house for a couple of hours… Even better. 🙂 This evening we had a City track meet that we are hosting. I went and picked up 10 large pizzas and had 22 HS track kid helpers. You tell a HS kid there will be food and they will show up to help. It was great because they ran all the field events (long jump, standing long jump, high jump, shot put, discus and javelin). They even took over the timing and the finish line. 🙂  We couldn’t have ran this meet as successfully without them! 

 It was cute because they “raced” the 4 x 400 with the kids. My girls ran so well! I love watching them run at the meets. They are always finishing in the middle of the pack but that’s what I like. They are enjoying it and there is no pressure (yet). 🙂  

  After the meet, I did go on RS visits (I met up with Barbara, Megan and Lenore). It was nice visiting and My youngest was loving it.  

The girls went to bed real quick tonight! Loved it! 🙂 

Thursday: I was supposed to meet up with Mac, Aubrey and Amber this morning but I slept in. :/ So I eventually got up (6 a.m.) and went out on my own… 59:15 minutes (9 miles). I tried to do some fartleks… Oh I am out of speed shape! But it will come back (hopefully sooner than later). The rest of my day was consisted of cleaning and cooking…  

 We did have a little break of going to the dentist. The older 3 girls and I went in for our 6 month cleaning check. My 2nd daughter has 4 cavities, my 3rd daughter has 2 cavities, and my oldest has 1 but it is on her baby tooth which is ready to fall out. Thank goodness! I, for the 1st time ever, don’t have any cavities! 🙂 Gosh… With my youngest having 6 cavities (bad ones) and Corom getting a root canal… And now the other 2… We are in trouble!  

 For track practice, the distance runners went on a 10-15 min shakeout run with 3-5 strides. Then the HS kids that made it to State, came over for dinner! We had about 30+ kids show up. A few of us coaches gave a motivational speech while the kids ate.  

 It was a nice evening! I will admit that I can’t wait for this weekend to be over… The nerves that us coaches get before their races!!! It’s just as bad as when I race. I am just praying that the kids race/perform well. 

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