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My Oldest’s Birthday & Our Anniversary… 

May 19, 2015

Sunday: 12 years ago today my husband and I were married in the Oakland Temple for all time and eternity.  

 I still remember that special day. Our marriage has been a constant roller coaster of fun, adventure, laughter, tears, heartache, annoyances, fighting and most importantly love and respect  for and with each other. We have had our problems but we have grown stronger as one each trial we have had to endure. Corom is always by my side and has been so supportive with the decisions I have made. I am so grateful for him and the husband, father, friend that he has become.  


Now… 9 years ago today, my oldest was born 3 1/2 weeks early! Really…. Of all the days for her to come early, it happened to be on our anniversary! It stinks to be her because now she doesn’t have a birthday. 😉 It was actually the best gift we could have been given that day. She has been such a joy in our lives. She is maturing and helping us out in so many ways!!!  Such a fun, active, responsible, beautiful, loving daughter! She is not afraid of much, as you can see… 🙂 We love her so much!!! 

 Well, this morning I made her her favorite breakfast (puffed pancakes) and then the girls did their usual thing of messing around before getting ready. She did open a few gifts that her sisters made before we left for church.  

 During the morning chaos (Corom was at his weekly church Sunday meetings), I noticed a little box with a flower sticking out. 🙂 Corom left it on my pillow before he left. It was very thoughtful. The girls ratted him out and said when they were at grandmas (his moms house last night), she had a vase full of roses. He took one out for me… I love that even more about him because I think flowers are a waste of money! He knows me too well.  

The weather was so nice out that we decided to walk to and from church. It’s nice to get some energy out! 🙂 We always enjoy our walks to church and we also enjoy everybody else’s yard on our way to church. 🙂 

 After church we had a few families over (Fullmers, Booths, Thompsons, grandma & Gary) to celebrate her birthday and to plan our beach camping trip. Mary & Siri and the Barneys stopped by too.  

 Of course we had brownies and ice cream (we are not much of a cake family)! And she opened presents… 

 She was so excited to get a box of hot chocolate. 🙂 I am dreading the day when that will not be enough. :/ 

Monday: I met up with Jeff this morning for a morning run.  

It was a good run. I ran the girls to school and then my youngest and I went on a field trip with my youngest to Wild Wonders. They loved it… I loved it! So many cute animals. 

 The girls had friends over and played a lot with the puppies…  

 Later in the evening, I did attend the viewing of one of our track kids older sister. 😦 She passed away from leukemia. I was able to go with a couple of other coaches to show our love and support. It was a nice viewing. 

 We had family night and then my visiting teachers came over.  

 Once the girls were in bed (and Corom fell asleep), I headed over to a neighbor’s house to watch the Bachelorette and help her package jewelry. We had a good time! 

 It ended up being a late night! :/ 

Tuesday: I met up with Jeff for the 1st mile (sent him on his workout) and went on my own. I had an easy 7 miles and it was nice.  

 I got back from my run and Corom got up to go on a run. 🙂 What was even better and cuter was my 2nd daughter asked if she could go with him. 🙂  

 So cute!!! For school I brought the puppy that we are keeping to school for show in tell. The kids loved the puppy.  

 As we were leaving, my youngest fell and hit her ear. Oh it looked like it hurt. :/  

 I watched a couple of kids today for my neighbors…. They got into the paint…  

…Megan helped me out by watching all of them for about 20-30 min. I ran over to the junior high with a few of the HS cross country kids to recruit them.  

Gosh… I hated junior high and things haven’t changed. 🙂 A neighbor of mine called me and talked me into putting my kindergartener and 1st grader into softball. They needed extra girls to play… So I agreed to give it a try. They loved it!  

Then we headed right over to the youth track practice. More help from the HS kids… Another bloody nose… And of course running.  

 We finally headed home, had dinner, got ready for bed and then I had a RS meeting at my house. Busy day but it was good. 

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  1. Congratulations to you and Corom and happy birthday! What a special day….our due date is a month after our 2nd anniversary…so you never know 😉 Let’s hope that doesn’t happen because Rock’s brother is getting married 2 days before our anniversary (talk about a wild summer). When I saw the picture of the temple you were married in I thought it was a picture from somewhere in Europe or even India. I called Rock over to look because I can’t get over how beautiful it is! I love reading about your family adventures. Between Corom, the kids, and work you are always on your toes. I love it!

    • Oh Sarah… You’re right! You never know. 🙂 Those are all major events for you. But I am so excited for with this pregnancy!!! Have you thought of any names? 🙂

      • I went through a whole book and Rock was driving me nuts. He didn’t like the ideas and wasn’t really reading the book. But when we finally sat down and chatted names we both liked some older family names. I was going for a lot of Biblical names and he wasn’t loving some of the more out there ones I was suggesting 😉 I will start prodding him a bit more soon!

      • All of my girls are named after family. That was fun for us to look through the names down the family line.

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