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So Much During The Day, Trying To Stay Awake Through It All! 

May 22, 2015

Wednesday: I was unable to get up this morning due to the fact that my youngest was up all night with a toothache. I was so tired all morning! My youngest and I went to a PTO meeting soon after school started and then as soon as kindergarten ended, my 2 youngest and I went to my friend, Josie’s, house for a birthday lunch for Ericka.  

I was only able to stay for about 45 minutes because I was able to get into the dentist for my youngest. At the dentist, they put her on a stronger antibiotic. Oh, I hope it works! My girls were invited to go to a neighbors house for an hour. It was perfect because I came home and took a nap. It felt great!!! I still had to get my speed workout in (which I have been dreading all day), so taking a nap was a great energy boost for me. Unfortunately, I will be very vague with my workouts because I now have someone helping me. I don’t know the “rules” on that but I will see what I’m able to write about. I started off with a 2 mile warmup and a 2 mile cool down. I did a track workout of running 1000’s. (I did run into a good friend of mine… She is seriously the best!)  

 I am so glad I now have someone to answer to because there was no way I would have finished the workout if I didn’t have someone to answer to!!! I was tired and out of shape! It was also hard to run in the afternoon… But I got it done. 🙂 My oldest went with the activity day girls to the temple. She had fun!  

 I promised my 2nd daughter a pack of gum (for being the only one to listen when I told them to go to bed)… 

 Then The girls and I hung out (Corom had to work late tonight) and after I put them to bed, a babysitter came and me and 7 girlfriends went and saw Pitch Perfect. It was hilarious!!! It was also great getting out! 

Thursday: I went out for an easy run. It felt nice after yesterday! My youngest was up for a lot of the night because of that tooth. 😦 Poor girl! 

 Today was a day where I had a lot going on! I helped with my girl’s school assembly (handed out awards), while my youngest played with my phone…  

 We (my youngest and I) left from the assembly to go do RS visits with Barbara and Amber. We visited with 3 different ladies. It was very nice!  My youngest played in the mud while we visited. 🙂 

I watched my friend’s kids for a few hours and took my 3 younger girls and the 2 extra kids to the dentist. My 2 middle girls have cavities to fill today. All the kids were so good there.  I asked about my youngest… I really want to get her teeth taken care. The dentist is hoping the antibiotics will kick in and she will be able to hold off until the date she can be put under. 

 We had youth track practice tonight. The weather was great until the last 10 minutes… Then it started to pour rain on us and it happened so fast! The kids still wanted to stay out and play games. 🙂  

 I ran my girls home, said a quick hello to Corom, made sure dinner was ready and then ran over to the HS to our track banquet. We had an ice cream bar 😍, handed out awards, talked about the great season and then we sadly said goodbye to our graduating seniors. We also had to say goodbye to our Javelin coach (the one in the middle)… He is moving further north. We are losing the Best javelin coach in the State!!! It was a nice banquet! 

 We (coach Thompson and I) planned a cross country meeting right after the banquet ended. It was perfect timing… We ended our banquet right at 7 and the CC meeting started at 7. 🙂  

 I came home and Corom and I were able to enjoy a movie. 🙂 

Friday: I was able to get 8 miles in with 5 strides for my morning run. Jeff joined for 4 miles but had to stop due to a knee issue…  My youngest was up once again throughout the night( not as much though, thank goodness). I am so sleepy on my runs. 

 Corom had the day off today. 🙂 We were able to attend our Kindergartener’s graduation this morning. She was so cute and she is getting so big!!! Time is going by so fast!  

 Shortly after the graduation ended, Corom, the 2 younger girls, 2 neighbor girls (I am watching for the afternoon), and I went with the 1st graders (my 2nd daughter) on a little field trip to the local park/pond. Corom walked with the 1st graders and the younger kids and I drove… I had to drive the parachutes to the park for the teachers. The kids had a lot of fun!  

 The rest of the afternoon, the girls played with friends/neighbors. They did get a little dirty… But they had fun!  

 We went to a friend’s house for dinner. But just before that, Corom gave the puppies their shots. We had one of the puppies go to his new home (they are 6 weeks old and the guy really wanted the puppy now to start training it). 🙂 I was actually sad to see it go! So now we are down to 2.  Anyway… It was nice to go to our friends for dinner. We had a good time (they have 5 girls very similar in age as our girls). 

 Now I am sitting here, recapping my day trying to stay awake! I have struggled sometimes throughout the day of wanting to take a nap! I’m going to bed. 🙂 

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