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Date Night & Bringing Water Balloons To Church :/

May 24, 2015

Saturday: I went out for a 12 mile run this morning… I went 4, met up with Mac, Aubrey & Amber for 4, then ran another 4 on my own. It was nice to be able to run with the 3 for a little while but it was also nice to run on my own.  

 I hurried home to get ready for the day. I took the girls to a day camp at the high school. BYU and UVU (college) athletes came to the HS to run mini classes for the elementary age kids in our city. Miss Salem and her attendees (I think that’s what you call it) put this all on. My oldest did an art class, then dance, cheer and drama. My 2nd and 3rd went together and did volleyball, swimming, track & field and Art.  They offered football, soccer, basketball, baseball & softball. 

 My girls had a great time! There were so many kids that came to participate. The college students were so good and patient with the elementary kids. They ran 45 min sessions per class. What a fun experience for everyone.  Oh and of course they enjoyed the Popsicles and treats afterwards. 

 Corom, our friend Jason, and my youngest (she was not old enough to go to the camp) worked on putting our fence up around the house.  

 That evening Corom and I went out with the Ringals for a bite to eat and then headed off to go volunteer at the Payson temple. It is the last night of the open house. Corom signed us up for parking control… We seriously had a blast!!! Our job was to direct the main traffic as it approached the temple. We were given flags to wave and point the cars in the correct direction. We took this job very serious and gave 110%! Then Corom and I, as always, turned it into a friendly competition of who could get the most people to smile.  As you can imagine those flags were moving and shaking like a 90’s rap music video. We almost caused accidents by distracting drivers too much. But we did make many people laugh!  

 There were so many people that came this evening. The total for Saturday was an estimated 30,000 people. :/ We had the volunteer shift from 6-10 (but they sent all the parking volunteers home earlier than 10 because the traffic died down). It was a fun evening for Corom and I… To be away from our kids and to have good, mature, quality time together. The Fullmer’s and Amber (track Amber) came over after we got home and we all just hung out. We were going to watch a movie but talked for the next few hours instead. Church will be hard to stay awake in tomorrow. 

Sunday: Well, morning came too quick… Corom had to be at a meeting by 7 and our kids were up early… Not a surprise. Well my youngest had teeth hurting issues again in the middle of the night, so we gave her Corom’s phone and put a movie on. I’m hoping the dentist will just get it taken care of on Tuesday! Anyway… We get to church and as I am sitting down in one of the pews, I notice the 2 younger girls are trying to hide something. I made them hand over what they were hiding…  

They brought water balloons. :/ I obviously took them away. I asked them why they brought them. They said they wanted to throw it at dad. Oh boy… How embarrassing would that have been! I am so glad I saw them before anything happened. After church we had a couple of families over for dinner. It was nice visiting and The kids had fun… Some of the girls dressed up as ninjas (supposedly) so they could spi on the other kids around…  

After everyone left, the neighbor kids wanted the girls to come do movies in their trailer. I would have said yes without the begging but it was cute to watch them! ๐Ÿ™‚  

 Yep… A late night for us all. 

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  1. Water balloons in church! You will definitely remember that one forever. I remember on Christmas Eve we were heading out of church and my brother pulled something out of his pocket. It was a black, rotten banana that my aunt gave him for the car ride home on Thanksgiving. My mom was so embarrassed because he showed it to everyone. You do kind of have to wonder how it would have gone down if they had hit dad ๐Ÿ˜‰

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