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Memorial Day Fun, Carnival Fun, Sports Fun…

May 27, 2015

Monday: Well the girls ended up sleeping in the camper, so me being the overprotective mom and not allowing sleepovers… I slept in the camper with my girls and the neighbor kids. I slept at the foot of the bed… Not the best sleep and not the most comfortable but the kids had fun.  

 I eventually got around to getting my run in. It was a tough one due to being tired! I ran 10.1 miles in a 7:30 pace (1:15.05). It was a beautiful morning out and I really enjoyed seeing all the flags out for Memorial Day. We worked around the house in between the fun stuff. We enjoyed going over to our friend’s house for a lunch BBQ.  

 And then enjoyed going over to the Thompson’s for dinner and to let the girls play. 


Tuesday: I went out for a 8 mile run. It felt good.  

 I do need to slow my pace down for a better recovery run! I ran with Jeff and for some reason it is so hard to “relax”. But rest days are just as if not more important than speed days! The rest of the day was, well-busy. At the elementary school they had their field day/reading carnival. We (the school administrators and PTO) put the carnival on. It was quite the controlled chaos…. 

 but the kids loved it! We had so many different activities going on… A bounce house, face painting, nail polish table, fishing booth, obstical course, food booth, basketball, karaoke, dunking tank, etc…

 The kids loved the dunk tank… The principal and quite a few teachers volunteered to get wet. Great fun!  

I did have to run my Kindergartener (soon to be 1st grader) to her end of the year assessment. She did great! We were able to hang out at the house for a little while (I watched my friends daughter for a while) and then we all headed off to youth track practice. We had a heavy rain storm come through (it didn’t last long) so we moved practice into the school…  

I am so grateful for the HS kids that show up to help. They do a wonderful job and the younger kids really like it. Corom came home from work and I had to go out for RS visits. I came home and he had to go back to work. :/ Work is overrated! 😉 

Wednesday: I had a speed workout this morning and I was dreading it. I ran a total of 10 miles. The 1st 3 was a nice warmup before I started the speed.  

I was able to hit the marks that I was told to hit but it was not easy!!! I dread the speed workouts until they are over and my love for running grows every time after I’m done. That probably doesn’t make sense but it does to me. 🙂 A couple of friends stopped by this morning for a few minutes… As one of our friends was pulling out to go home I noticed my youngest (5 year old) was hiding on the back of the tailgate of his truck. Not in the bed of the truck but on the outside of the truck. :/ I booked it outside yelling for our neighbor not to take off… While I was freaked out she was smiling the entire time. It was a blessing that a car was coming down the road because he quickly stopped. It was that split second as a driver where you decide to hurry and pull out or just wait an extra 5 seconds to have the car pass… I am so glad he waited the extra seconds. :/ My youngest had a long lecture… Now hopefully it sunk in! I was dragging my feet all day today. I was glad my friend Camille came over to hang out… And I had a few extra kids over to entertain my kids. 🙂 After dinner, Corom and I watched our 2 middle girls 1st ever softball game.  

They loved it… They were so nervous going and didn’t want to go! Now they can’t wait for their next game. And they both are pretty good.  

Corom had to leave right when the game ended to go to a church meeting, the girls and I came home and did the whole bedtime routine.  

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  1. I feel the same way about speed work. I dread it before and hate it during but afterwards I feel amazing. It also does wonderful things to your metabolism. Rock had speed work the other day and he was an eating machine the rest of the day. I was so jealous! By the way, you are supermom for allowing that camper sleepover and sleeping in there!

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