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Parties, BBQ’s, Running & Vacation Time!!! 

May 31, 2015

Thursday: I went out for a solo run this morning. I slept in too late to meet up with the ladies but running alone helps me to think about “life”… And this morning was a good run.  

 I took my youngest back to the dentist… They put her on an even stronger antibiotic. She has 6 cavities (with 2 of those being root canals), so they are going to put her under to take care of all of her teeth issues. The specialist is coming June 12th… If her teeth still hurt after a couple of days on this new antibiotic then they would just go in and fix it. :/  

 We had youth track tonight…  

Then our home teachers came over and shortly after they left, I took my 2 middle daughters to softball practice.  

Once practice was over, we all headed over to the Barneys for some hair cuts. Megan does such a great job of cutting hair. And it’s nice that she does it from home because it cheaper. 🙂  

 Their hair turned out so cute!!! 

Friday: I only had to do a 6 mile run today! Loved it!!! I slept in until 6:45ish and then headed out.  

 On my run, I ran past a garage sale. I saw a bike rack there so I stopped and asked them to hold it for us… Corom and I (and our 2 youngest) went back after we dropped the 2 older girls off at school. We bought the rack and as we were browsing around heading towards the car, a guy stopped us and said he would give us $20 for the bike rack after we just bought it for $10.  

 I told him to just give us 10 for it but after 10-15 minutes of going back and forth we ended up with making $10 on the bike rack. :/ I felt kind of bad! Oh well… We did buy something else with that money. 🙂 I caught my youngest trying to milk Kitty (our dog). :/ Just a little weird but she was fascinated that milk was coming out.  

At noon we picked the 2 girls up from their last day of school and then stopped off at a friend’s house for summer celebration snow cones…. Then my oldest tried to fry an egg outside on a cookie sheet. It was funny to watch her and her sisters camped out on the lawn hoping to see it cook. Yeah… It didn’t harden at all. 🙂 

 And finally… It was time for my oldest’s birthday party! We invited all the girls in 3rd grade. I wanted to make sure no one was left out. We did put on the invitations for no gifts because we didn’t want 35 kids bringing presents! Yes it was loud and crazy but I didn’t mind it! We did pizza and a movie.. So half the girls watched the movie and the other half didn’t. 🙂 Their 3rd grade teachers showed up as a surprise! The girls loved it!!! We had about 30-40 minutes left before the parents came so we played freeze dance… That was a huge hit!   

 It was a late night for Corom and I, after the party and girls going to bed, we stayed up to pack, clean and organize. We are going to Malibu, Ca to go beach camping next week (we go every year). 

Saturday: I met up with the 3 of the fastest ladies in Utah for a 15 mile run (Kassi, Melody & Amber G). We saw people we knew on trail that would come and join us for part of our run…. I absolutely loved it and wish we could all train together on a regular basis!!!  


 The rest of th day was packing and getting ready for our California beach trip. I did take the girls to my sister’s house for a BBQ (and to celebrate my nieces bday).  My brother and his family and my Aunt came to hang out, too. 

 The kids had so much fun with their cousins!  

Corom stayed home to finish up our fence…. We need to make sure our dog and puppies stay contained while we are gone. He did go to a neighbor’s house for a BBQ (Brett’s). After the girls and I left my sister’s we headed over to another neighbor’s BBQ (at Stephanie’s)…  

 It was a fun evening… Now back to packing and staying up too late! Oh, I did stop off at the Barneys to drop something off and kind of got stuck hanging out. My bad… Sorry Corom! 😉  


Sunday: Everything is packed and ready to go…   

We went to church… Elder Merrill Bateman came and spoke to us in our 5th Sunday lesson (to the adults)… It was a great lesson. After church, we met up with the Fullmers and the Thompson’s and headed for Vegas.  

We made just a couple of stops and arrived at our cousins house in Vegas. Always a good time at Dan & Ericas!!!   

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  1. Ha, poor Kitty! That is a funny story and kind of smart that she even thought of it. I love that you invited all of the girls in the class. What a nice way to make sure no one was left out. I bet they had a great time. And yay for vacation. Have a great time!

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