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Beach Camping Trip

June 6, 2015

Monday-Friday: Well one of the most important things about our beach vacation… I was able to get all my runs in; even a speed workout! It was tough to get out of the sleeping bag with it being a little chilly. 4 out of the 5 days, I had 10 milers to do (with one of those being a speed workout). I did have beautiful scenery during my runs!

 We went camping with the Fullmers, Thompsons & Booths. My brother and his family came for a night to hang out… I just clumped a bunch of pictures together… Camping was a blast. Of course, the spot Corom and I chose to set up our tent had a rattle snake sitting right next to it… And we didn’t notice it until after our tent was set up. :/ Our tent was only about 2 feet from the snake. I’m so glad the kids didn’t step on it!!!   Always a great time at the campsites! It was fun for the girls to have their friends and cousins there. Corom and I had a little bit of a rough week but we were able to hide it well. Just some things that we brought from the “home” life… it was a good thing we were surrounded by friends. 🙂   The “boys” went and did their snorkeling and speer fishing, among many other crazy things.  The kids played all day at the beach… My 2nd daughter found a sea slug and was majorly slimed by it! It was a pain to clean off!   Of course we had to make our sand sculpture, sleep, be buried and look for shells, crabs, etc.   We also had a nice jump roping contest, which turned into double Dutch.   It was Bart’s bday, so Corom, Mike and Jason made him a monster pan”cake”.  The kids learned how to boogie board while the guys skin boarded. Now that was funny to watch!   There were a couple of accidents one of them being Corom holding on to the back of the truck riding his long board… He hit a sand patch and went down. The kids enjoyed the zip line that Corom, Mike, Jason & Bart put up…  We enjoyed the food and the fun hiking trails…  We went walking through the cave there and just had fun hanging out at the beach.  It was a nice break from everyday life. We really enjoyed our vacation. We had a long 13 hour drive home on Friday but it wasn’t too bad… We saw a beautiful rainbow at one point.

 Anyway, we got in around 1 a.m. (My youngest did cry from 10 p.m. on due to being tired… That was a little annoying but what do you do?) 🙂 sleeping in our own beds was kind of nice!

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful vacation. That sea slug looks incredibly disgusting. I do think it is awesome how your girls will touch all of that and not care. I was that way as a kid,l but not anymore. I saw a woman carrying a pet snake around Central Park on Memorial Day and only saw her when she was about a foot away from me, and I about cried. I just hate snakes! So glad you had a great vacation and got some good runs in too.

    • It really was a blast! We go every year… You should come with us next year or the year after when your baby is a little older! That would be fun!

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