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Lots Going On… But I Love It! 

June 12, 2015

Tuesday:  I went out for my run this morning… I met up with a few HS kids on the cross country team. It was a good run.  I had our last youth city track practice this morning. It went well…  

 We went to the library today (after chores, etc) and then my oldest stayed for an art “class”.  


Wednesday: I had my speed workout today…  

 I was tired through this one! :/ My last set was tough! For some reason I am having a hard time with my workouts… Just have felt more tired but oh well. I had the speed and agility class this morning (with Travis)… The kids are doing well. They are learning the basic plyo-metrics and their running form this week…  

 I met up with a few people at the splash pad today… The kids had a great time.  

The library had a movie and popcorn day. So of course, I took the kids there (I had a couple of extra kids that I was watching… So it was nice to be able to have something different to do). 

Right after the movie… The girls, the 2 extra kids and I went to our local grocery store’s block party. Free dinner (hot dogs, watermelon, chips & a drink), bounce houses, live music, face painting, etc.  

 The 2 middle 2 girls had a softball game… The game was kind of late (7:30) but it worked out great that way… We were able to get a free meal and I didn’t have to cook (it’s Corom’s late work night tonight)… Anyway, They had fun at their game. 

 I had a church meeting at my house and then it was time for bed! 

Thursday: My wonderful running friends ran to my house to pick me up this morning. I only had to go 6 miles so I didn’t want to start so early.  

Well they decided to run to me. 🙂  It was a nice run with the ladies. 

 Today I bribed the girls to clean house… They were each aloud to have a friend over after chores were done. (Not like they don’t always have someone over or each other to play with… But it worked.)  

 Well there was a huge mess downstairs after but a pretty big fort. We headed to our last youth city track meet. The girls and our team did really well. It is do fun to watch all the younger kids race and compete.  

   My oldest decided to run the mile and took 2nd in her age group. 🙂 It was fun to watch… My 2nd wanted to but was unable to because she wasn’t old enough. 


The girls and Corom went to a fundraiser church auction after they finished their events, while I stayed for the rest of the meet to coach and do awards…I coach so my girls can be in the sport. It has been fun this year to watch them!  I guess at the auction (which Corom and the girls didn’t know when not to bid :/) an older gentlemen and my girls got into a bidding war over a huge stuffed animal… He won the war and then brought the stuffed animal over to the girls. That was so nice that when I heard about it I was speechless!!! He was a grandparent of one of the familes in our ward… I told the girls we will have to figure out where he lives and do something nice!  


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  1. That stuffed animal is so cool! What a special gesture. And homemade forts are the best. I think Rock would make one now if he could!

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