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Utah Valley 1/2 Marathon, Dentist Appointment & More…

June 13, 2015

Friday: I just had a 6 mile run today with strides… I am loving these 6 mile days!  


I went straight to the speed and agility coaching session and then picked my girls up (8:30 a.m.) and we had our youth city track party. We played games, handed out awards and ate treats. The day all the kids love! 

 My poor youngest is not allowed to eat at all this morning until her dentist appointment (10:40 a.m.). We kept her busy but for a minute she slipped away from Corom and I and she happened to have a bite of a granola bar. My oldest caught her… That happened around 8:30 this morning. Ugh… So we went to the dentist and they said they couldn’t work on her for another couple of hours. To keep her mind off of eating, we went to my friend’s house to play with her kids.  

Thanks Nancy for having us over! Finally she got into the dentist about 1 p.m. I had to hold her, while they put her under. It was a little freaky and eerie to see her go under in a matter of 45 seconds. I held her in my arms until they took her into the dental room… In the big picture… She was out. I didn’t like it at all!!! But our dentist is so good that that was the only reassuring thing. Bottom left picture was when all the work on her teeth were done and we just sat there and waited until she woke up. She had 2 root canals and 4 cavities. :/

 I wish I could upload videos on here… She was hilarious! The 3 older girls went to a friend’s house and Corom, my youngest and I went to Corom’s bosses retirement party… Then I slipped away to pick up my race packet for the 1/2 marathon tomorrow. I did see Ryan Hall talking to everyone… He is running-not racing the 1/2.  

 We (Corom, the girls and I) went to Amber’s house for a pre-race dinner. Rachelle and Tricia came and we all had a fun time.  Great women (and of course Corom and Amber’s husband)! 

 My 2 middle girls had a softball game and they played well! They are really enjoying it.  

 I came home and went to bed… Corom and the girls hung out… 


Saturday: My alarm went off at 3 a.m. I was so tired and I could not wake up the entire morning. I was dreading this race a little bit… And I’m sure it was because I haven’t raced for a little while, and having to get back in shape from an injury; I lacked the confidence in what I knew I could do… Well the gun went off and immediately 3 ladies took off. I hung back a little because I knew I was not in their shape… I didn’t want to struggle the last few miles… Well I held onto 4th place the entire race and I had a few times where I went through that mental struggle… But I finished and I’m glad I did it.  

 My time was a little disappointing but I did what I could today… My time was 1:21.38.

 At the finish line I was able to meet Ryan Hall and talk to him for a bit…  

 I was also able to meet the top finishers of the marathon… They came in an hour after I finished my 1/2. So fast!  

 The best part… I won $150 for taking 4th. :/ I didn’t know they were doing awards for the top 5. Yep, I was excited to get $!  

 Back at home, we did lots of cleaning and just hanging out at the house.  


These 2 made lunch for everyone…  They actually did a really good job! 

 Corom and I went to the stake conference session for the adults and then I made Corom watch the bachelorette with me. 🙂 

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  1. Congrats on the great run and win! I am sure it is frustrating to not be where you would like but it sounds like you are feeling better and making progress!

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