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Father’s Day & Summer Fun

June 24, 2015

Sunday: Today is Father’s Day! Yeah for me. πŸ˜‰ Corom had early church meetings so I set my alarm to get up and make him breakfast. The younger girls added the cocoa pebbles to the omelette that my oldest and I prepared.  It was a nice little touch! 

He left and the girls and I cleaned and began to get dinner ready for “dad”. The girls struggled a little in Sacrament meeting today but that’s normal… They just like to talk too much, play and fight. We had the Fullmers and our neighbor Gene over for dinner. Later, we watched a movie with the girls and just hung out. 

Monday: I went out with the cross country HS kids on my 10 mile run. (Pictures were erased so I have nothing to show.) We (the girls and I) hung out at the house all morning and early afternoon until it was time for the library activity.  

 I had a few neighbor kids over for the late afternoon until late… They are moving and tonight is the night that the men are over moving everything out. I brought out the boxing gloves and the kids went to town.  

 The girls had a hay day with Corom and his hair… He let the girls grab the scissors and cut away.  

 The kids played hard tonight and used anything they could find…  

Tuesday: This morning was a speed day. I went into it thinking it would be an easier workout. 6 x 1000’s at a 6 min pace. But I really struggled… Even from the 1st one. I don’t know what my problem was but it was tough! Oh well… I hit the marks but barely. Maybe I’m just getting old. I met the CC kids and sent them off on their run. And then the girls and I headed over to our friend’s house to help clean… They are moving so we went there to wipe walls, baseboards, etc.  

 I watched a few extra kids this afternoon for a couple of different neighbors. The kids had fun going to the library activity, boxing, roasting marshmallows, etc while Corom was putting up a pool…  It is so hot here! 


Wednesday: I had a recovery run this morning… So I met up with Amber and Mac and got in 8 miles in 1:04. I hate recovery runs where they still feel like a workout. :/ That’s how this morning was. I coached the speed and agility class for the younger kids today (plyo-metrics day).  

 I had to take all 4 girls to their annual doctor appointment checkups… My youngest getting her kindergarten shots. :/  

The hospital was holding a Teddy Bear activity today. The kids bring in a teddy bear (or stuffed animal) and they take a tour of the hospital. They had different activities outside while you waited your turn for the tour. It was really neat for the kids to do this. It gave them a better understanding on what they “do” in the hospitals… Their stuffed animals were the patients…  

   Then the girls and neighbor kids that we invited over… Came to swim.  

They swam for a good few hours! I have a feeling they will be in the pool a lot this hot summer!!! The girls had their 2nd to last softball game…  

 I went on RS visits while the girls watched a movie (it’s Corom’s late night). The girls were tired… They went straight to bed when I got home (7:45) without any complaining! Loved it! 

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  1. I think Cocoa Pebbles should be a part of every holiday! Rock is boring and likes plain cereal but I say bring on the sugar! :). Quite the adventures at your place: Corom haircuts, boxing, it never ends. I love it!

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