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The End Of Camps & A Busy Weekend! 

June 20, 2015

Wednesday: As I was putting my youngest to bed she decided to start putting socks on. I told her to take the socks off because they would make her feet stinky and sweaty. Her question back to me was, “Just like the track kids?” I smiled and said yes, just like the track kids. 

Anyway… I started off my day with a 10.2 mile easy run. I was able to get it in 1:17. I headed straight to the HS to help Travis (for the 1st 25 minutes) of the speed and agility class.  

 The girls went to their soccer camp…  

 And then to their craft camp…  

 I picked them up right at lunch time, we did chores and then I took the girls to the library for their movie and popcorn day.  

 After dinner, all 3 older girls played in a softball game. The other team needed an extra player, so my oldest played on their team. Oh and Corom was the coach tonight… Like we know so much about softball. 🙂  

 I went to a surprise baby shower tonight (for Megan) and then went on RS visits… 


Thursday: I met up with Rachelle, Mac & Amber and went for a 10 mile run in 1:19. It was a good run.  Once again the girls went to their soccer camp…  

And then to their craft camp…  

 Many of the neighbor kids came over to play this afternoon.  

I did go to the Clarion Gardens to work tonight. It is always fun helping with the events and doing the catering.  

Friday: I went out for an 8.1 mile run and finished off with strides in 1:03. This week has been a nice week of running… No speed at all… Just nice easy runs. The speed and agility class went well. We did speed/track work.  

The girls had their last day of soccer camp. They really enjoyed it (who am I kidding… I really enjoyed it :)). “Buzz” their coach was amazing!  

 The girls had their last day of craft camp. They really enjoyed this camp!!!  

 Corom had the day off… We went to lunch while the girls were at their craft camp. It was nice to sit and talk and much needed. When the girls were done, we took the girls to the splash pad at the neighboring town park. We met some friends there.  

 I took all the kids out for ice cream after and let them play at our house for a little while.  They were really good at the store!!! 

 Corom and I went to the movies with the Barneys and then I went to bed right away. Corom and Travis went up to Mike’s house to watch a movie up there. 🙂 I have to get up early for a 16 mile speed workout. :/

Saturday: I met up with Amber & Mac for my warmup… 4 mile warmup and then 8 miles worth of speed. Idid run a 7:30 easy mile after my 5th mile of speed… Then finished the last 3 miles of speed before I ran a 3 mile cool down. It was tough but I hit my mark… The last 2 miles of my run, I really struggled. It was hot and I was craving water so bad!!! But I got the run in. 🙂 I hung out at the house with Corom and the girls for a couple of hours before I went to work at the clarion gardens. I worked for a few hours, then back to the house. We helped our neighbor now his lawn, while the girls ran around catching frogs…  


They also found a baby bird with no nest and I couldn’t fly… We had a abandoned nest that the baby took to.  We will feed it and leave it outside until it can go on its own. 

 Our friend stopped by with a baby fox and the girls were so excited… Cute little guy!  

My good friend, running friend, Amber Green ran Grandmas Marathon today! She met her goal today and freakin’ qualified for the Olympic Trials!!! 2:41.19!!! So amazing… She is amazing! Now it’s my turn to get this picture! 😉  


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