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Many Days To Post! 

July 12, 2015

Wednesday: I had a speed workout this morning… :/ I had to do mile repeats today. I kind of cheated by doing these downhill. I told myself if I did it downhill, then they had to be faster than the time I was supposed to run them in. I ran 10 miles total. My mile times were 5:43, 5:37, 5:39, 5:29 & 5:43. I was still so tired and knew I would have struggled if I had to run the repeats on a flat surface. The girls went to their tennis lessons…  

And then we had Activity Day’s (for my oldest) at our house. (It’s a church thing.)  

 I had RS visits, Corom worked late and the girls tried tricking me with going to bed. I was impressed with the dummy they made and also nervous about what lies ahead in the future… :/  

Thursday: I went out on a 12 mile hilly route… I ran up Harry’s Hill into WH. I was able to finish in 1:29. I was able to do a session at the Temple today. Now that we have one only 10 minutes away, I will be able to attend more often.  

 The kids played in the pool (even with the rain and lower tempertures; it doesn’t faze them). Corom took the girls to an open house for a business while I had RS visits. He took them there because there was free food/samples. 🙂  

The kids went to bed and the Fullmers came down for a movie. 

Friday: I had a easy run of 6 miles. I met up with Amber and went for a nice run. Then I had the speed and agility class… The kids had a good hill workout. 😉  

 The girls went to tennis and while they had their lessons, Corom and I attempted to play. We had a lot of fun.  

 The rest of the day was busy with cleaning (and a lot of it), babysitting, hair cuts, building forts, playing with friends, going to a surprise party for Jorge our running friend who turned 40, and even having a slumber party on the tramp with dad. This is the stuff I miss out on because of training. I did sleep inside because I have a long, speed run tomorrow. But sometimes I’m glad I have that excuse too. 🙂  

 It was funny because I was awakened at 2 a.m. by the girls and Corom screaming because the sprinklers turned on. 🙂 Yep… Corom forgot about that. Ahhhhh… To be warm in my bed and dry. They stuck it out and slept the entire night out there (except for my youngest who ended up in bed with me). 

Saturday: I woke up early and met up with Danny. We went on a 18 miler with 2 x 3 miles at tempo race pace. After 8 miles we began our tempo. The 1st set was easy, the 2nd set, not so much! I was so glad to have Danny there to keep me going because I would have backed off a lot! I hurried home and the girls, Corom and I attended the baptism of 3 boys in our ward/church. It was neat being there. After the girls finished their chores…  

We took them to the Scottish Festival. That’s always a fun thing to do. We stayed for a little while and then grabbed some icecream cones.  

 We had a neighbor girl call us a week ago asking us if she could have her birthday party at our house… You know Corom and I, we didn’t care, so we had a bday party at our house. When I say party… It’s nothing like what people would think as a “party”. We don’t have drinking or anything of the sort, just good clean fun. Our friends Jeff and Travis came over to help DJ it. 🙂 I swear that Corom and his friends are bigger kids than any kid out there. It was fun. We had so many chaperones just because we all wanted to hang out. 🙂  My girls had fun too… 

 It was a late night, even for our kids. 

Sunday: Today was ward conference. It was an excellent sacrament meeting and great Sunday school class & RS. I love Sunday’s like these when every lesson/talk was good. At home, it was the norm… My youngest making a mess of herself and the girls making a mess of the house. 

 We had a couple over for dinner, and then it was bedtime for all of us! A very early night… I want to be asleep by 9 tonight! 

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  1. Hahaha the sprinklers. Too funny. Sleeping on the trampoline sounds so fun for kids but miserable as an adult. And I can’t believe someone asked to have your house as a party spot. You guys are seriously the best!

    • It is fun for the kids and yes your right… Miserable for adults. Corom had a lousy sleep! But it’s worth it with the kids…

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