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Running & Summer Fun

July 17, 2015

Monday: I went out for a 10 mile run this morning. I ran straight to the school to coach the cross country kids.  

 They, too, went on a 10 mile run. I would have ran with them but they ran a hilly route with a short tempo down and I had an easy day. πŸ™‚ The girls had tennis and then after attempting chores, played with neighbors…  

 It was our blocks turn to clean the church… So we all met up at the church and cleaned, then came back to our house for a dinner (everyone brought something), then played a game of kick ball…  

 A few of my girls got hurt (no surprise) and Corom had a good go around with our dogs (they are too big for me to play with, when they get into their playful mood)…  


Tuesday: I ran 10 miles and 8 of them were with the cross country kids. It was a good run. I ran it in 1:16.  

 The girls had tennis this morning and then my oldest went to the library art class…  

I went on RS visits tonight, Corom had his meeting and then it was a low key night. 

Wednesday: I got up early so I could begin my speed workout. I had to run 400 repeats this morning. I gratefully was able to hit the times I needed. That was the 1st time in about a month that I didn’t struggle too bad. I sent the cc kids off on their run, then did the speed and agility session (all this before 8 a.m. :/).  

 It was the usual today… Tennis, playing with friends and neighbors, and getting into mischief.  

 Corom worked late but was able to leave a little earlier to meet up with me and others for games. It was fun. 

Thursday: I met up with Tifany for 5 miles out of my 12 mile Hill run. She ran the hardest part with me. I was grateful to have her there for the major hills (the Harry loop). I ran the 12.1 in 1:30. I ran straight to Cross Country practice (The kids went on a 10 mile run) and then headed home (got there about 8:15 a.m. to get the girls ready for tennis)…  

 After tennis I took the girls to open up their own bank accounts… I have to do something to make them do their chores, etc. I figure that if I can get them to be excited about earning money they will do their chores to move on to other chores that they can get paid for. We play way too much here!  The girls were excited to sign their signatures on their own bank accounts. 

 We went to pick up a new birth certificate for my youngest… For kindergarten. I misplaced them. :/ I, then, took the girls to a $1 movie. On one of our errands, my youngest informed she had to go to the restroom just as we were leaving the house… I told her to run through the garage door because it was unlocked… She misunderstood and decided to go the hard way in (through the garage window… Even though the garage door was 3 feet away and open)…  

Well this may be her profession in life. πŸ™‚ I was able to sneak away after dinner for about an hour… I went for a walk with a few ward/neighbors. We had a really good time. It was nice to be able to walk and talk and after hang out in the shade with no kids around.  

Before I went to bed, I checked on the girls and I found my oldest sleeping on her little table (on the bench) in her room. Talk about uncomfortable!  


Friday:  I had an easy 6 mile run this morning… Why is it on our easy days, it always seems so hard. Anyway I ran my 6 miles and headed over to the HS for our last speed and agility class. (CC practice is tonight.) The kids did really well in this 6 week course. They all improved their times and jumps from the 1st day of the session. Travis (the coach that put this on) did a wonderful job.  

 I took the girls to their last day of tennis camp. The poor coaches are probably so glad to be done (especially with all 4 of my girls there).  

 I watched a couple of kids today and a couple of neighbor kids came over. Corom had the day off so he was right in the mix of it all (I gave him a little lecture the other day about spending quality time with the kids…so quality time it was for him today…)  

 I went to the doc’s again for the last part of the checkup… Long story short: They just wanted to see why my heart is fluttering (more frequently) when my iron level is high (that usually happens when you are low on iron)…  I had and EKG test done and this test made no sense to me… It only captures about 5 seconds of your heart beat and if it’s not “fluttering” at that moment… Then it doesn’t show anything wrong. And that’s what the doc just explained. She said my heart looks like a 15 year olds. πŸ˜‰ She went to go grab my lab work and came in right away saying she found the problem (at least she was 99 % sure)… My iron is too high, my calcium is too high, my protein is too high, my bun ratio is too high, my AST is too high and one other thing that I can’t remember… The iron is most likely causing the flutters and with the calcium and AST that is effecting my liver (whatever that means)… (I just wish the other doc told me the same thing this doc told me today)… She wants me to stop taking vitamins on a daily basis and if my heart is still fluttering in 3 weeks then they want me to wear and ekg machine for 48 hours to capture it for them. The reason I feel lousy and sluggish is because my iron level is at a 168 when 155 is the max high for anyone… Same effect as a person low on iron… Who would have thought that taking vitamins everyday could be just as bad. :/  

We had cc country practice in the evening today and then ended up at the other coaches house for a movie in his backyard (The 3 Amigos). πŸ™‚ Pretty awesome movie… I left a little after 9 so I could come home and get ready for bed. (that is my youngest while we met up with the cc kids to send them off on their run… Who knows what goes through her head.) πŸ™‚ 

I’m way bummed because Corom and a few of his friends went big wheeling/long boarding and I now have to go to bed early. 😦 Oh well… Next time. 


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  1. I’m so glad you have a direction to go with from your doctor. So scary but I have confidence you are in great health and that vitamins are likely the issue. What a relief it must be to see some direction there. I also love the idea of the bank accounts. I think kids enjoy having some accountability. Fingers crossed that it works! Also, it looks like your running is starting to head in a great direction. So happy for you!!

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