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July 21, 2015

Saturday: I went out for a 20 mile run (by accident). I miscalculated my route and I finished my 13th 1000 when I hit 18 miles. :/ 11-14 were really hard for me to hold on to and 13 and 14 I did it all on effort because I ran against a head wind (I was discouraged when I saw that I was doing a 6:25 pace and having to push harder)… My last one, I was back on track (I turned up a side road to get out of the head wind). I’m tired! šŸ˜ I did have some amazing friends that ran on the same route I ran on. That helped!  

 I hurried home and the kids, Corom and I went straight to the church for cleaning (it was our blocks week of cleaning). We all got it done pretty quick.  

 At home I took a good hour nap! Thanks Corom, I was so tired!!! The girls did their chores… Well somewhat. My 2nd daughter loves to mow the lawn!  

And then we went on a bike ride together…  

 And of course we couldn’t leave without playing on the play area and catching beetles (which turned out that all the ones they found were dead).  So gross!! 

After dinner, we got a babysitter and Corom, Mike, Jeff and I went up the canyon for mountain biking. It was a blast and scary at times. I actually flew off my bike once, while the others had pretty hard falls on many occasions. They did a lot more jumps than I. I was just focused on making sure I stayed right with them.  


We ended up at the Clarion Event Center to hang out with the Carters while a quencierra was going on. Jeff got a little into it, which was very entertaining.  

 What a good day! 

Sunday: We went to church today and the girls were excellent!!! We had a few families over for dinner and then the neighbors brought home their mini horse. The older 2 girls were awake, so they took a ride. šŸ™‚  


Monday: I went out and ran an easy (but hard) 8 miles in 1:04. I struggled this morning but that seems to be the norm lately. My time is getting shorter and I have to figure it out! :/ I headed straight to cross country practice and sent the kids on a 10 miler.  

 The girls had friends over today… They wanted Corom and I to play restaurant with them… So of course we played the servers.  

I was so tired today… All day!! I can’t remember a time when I have been this tired. It was bad. I did go to bed by 8:45 p.m. 

Tuesday: I had a speed workout this morning.  Oh man… I struggled… I did use a road that was a little downhill to help me reach my time, but I had to push hard. A little discouraging but what do you do. I ran 12 miles total and headed to cross country practice. They went on a 8 mile run…

 At home, I finally brought out the girls “homework” and had them work on it… They also helped me with my 3 minute post run routine…  

 The girls had a little nail painting party… I’m not into any of that stuff (makeup, nail polish, etc), but my girls sure loved it!  

 I had my RS meeting (at my house), then Amy and I went to a meeting for the Colombian people we are going to house (next week), and then the ladies came over for bachelorette. Good times! 

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