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Soccer Games, CC, Running-10k Race, School & Much More

September 26, 2015

Friday the 18th: I went out for an easy run of 8 1/2 miles. I was supposed to run 10 but stopped at 8 1/2. My legs were so dead and I have a long run day tomorrow. Corom and I ran errands this morning (he has Friday’s off) and tried to get work done around the house… But we were both unmotivated. I, then went to a cross country meet.  

 Once again the kids performed well! They ran strong… And some even left everything on the course. πŸ™‚  

 After the meet the family and I headed over to the church for our church activity. We had dinner, games, face painting, prizes and more. The girls had so much fun!  

Saturday: I got up at 4:50 a.m. so I could meet up with a group of people for my 20 mile run. We headed up Provo canyon for 6 Miles and then I turned around and tempoed down the 6. I tried to stay between 6-6:10. I drove a mile down to a 10k free race… Recovery Days (it was a awareness fun run for addicts). I warmed up another mile and then raced the 10k. I was so tired and felt flat. For 4 1/2 miles I held onto my marathon pace and then I fell back to a 7 minute pace, to finish off my 20 miler.  

 I was frustrated that I couldn’t hold on to my pace for the 10k. I do know that by running the 1st 13 and then waiting another 40 minutes (in the cold) for the 10k threw me off… But I was still disappointed. It was a good workout though. I hurried home to help a good friend of mine get ready for her and her husband’s ceiling in the temple. What a special day for their family! The girls played at home (with babysitters) while we set up  at the church (for a luncheon after) and then while Corom and I attended the temple. It was so good to be able to attend the temple for this occasion. The luncheon was very nice and the girls were very good. 

 We left shortly after to go to the “Recovery Days” little fair/activities at the park (the Barney’s came with.) Corom of course was asked to dress up in a costume…  

 Corom stayed while the Barney’s and I took the girls to some major chalk art display thing. It was pretty cool… A lot of people!  

 We went back to pick Corom up and he dropped me off at my friend, Josie’s house for a bridal show (for Ericka).   

we did a lot today! 
Sunday: Today was a good day at church… The girls were good (and that makes it so much easier)! We had 4 or 5 families over for dinner (Navjo tacos) for Megan B’s birthday. Fun times!   

Monday: I went out for a easy run of 10 miles no faster than a 7:30 pace… Last hard week before the taper!!! Oh it is coming quick! Too quick… I want it to be over but then again, I want more time. :/ It was a normal day of neighbor kids over and Stephanie & Camille came to hang out. After school, the girls and I went to CC practice. We did a speed… My girls ran a lot of the loops with the team. I love when they decide to join. πŸ™‚  

 Right after practice, the girls and I went into the school to look around at all the halls. With this being Homecoming week, the student council decorated all the walls in the hallways… Way neat!  

 I took so many more pictures of all the work that was put into it but there was too many… It was fun walking around.  The theme was “The World is Ours”, I believe. πŸ™‚ 

 Corom got home from work and we headed over to the Ringal’s home for a BBQ with a few other families for Family Night.  

Tuesday: I ran a 10 mile run with a decent pace (about a 7:15-7:20)… I felt good this morning. I volunteered at the school today for the vision screening. My girls came to my line, so it was nice to see how their vision was. My 3rd child wants glasses, so she was having a “hard” time reading the letters… I gave her a pair of glasses to try on, and then she really had a hard time reading. I told her nice try and to get back to class. πŸ™‚ 

 After school, I took the carpool kids to go get icecream… I told them that if they were to get out of the car (at school) and dance for a minute around the principal I would take them out for icecream. Well, they did it. I had 10 kids total for carpool… It was quit funny. So, we went to the local grocery store and of course their soft serve ice cream was not working…  

 Try explaining that to everyone! I had to go buy Popsicles instead… Not the same but it did the job. The girls and I headed off to CC right after…  

 The 3 younger girls had their soccer games that I had to coach… And they played well!  As you can see below that my youngest and the defender did a great job (sitting down in the middle of the game because they were tired). 

 We came home late and as I was putting the girls to bed… My oldest informed me that she had to bring in homemade blue play dough… What’s one more thing, right?  

 Oh and Corom left for St. George on a business trip for the rest of the week. Fun for me! 

Wednesday: I had a 10 mile workout today… 5 miles of it a speed workout. 20 x 200’s in a 42 sec time per 200 with a 200 recovery in a minute. It went well. I was tired (my chest felt heavy) but I averaged about a 39-40 sec 200 for all 20. We met at the school for PTO stuff. For CC practice, they went on a easy day before the race run.  

 That’s all I saw of them today (walking off to go for their run) because today was parent/student/teacher conference. All of my kids’ teachers are the best! They are so good to my kids and truly care about them. I love it!  

 We (the PTO and parent volunteers), helped bring in dinner for the teachers… So after meeting with the teachers, I ran the 3 older girls up to piano lessons, and came back down to help with the dinner (clean up etc). Stephanie did a great job of organizing it.  

 I was able to get our dinner ready, so we ate and then headed off to my oldests soccer game. She played goalie for the 1st half… She did a pretty good job. The other team did beat us 8-0 but they were really good. Our team has won every other game but this one the other kids played a little rough… But it was fun. 

 My mother-in-law picked the girls up and took them to her house for a sleepover. That helped me out a lot because I had to go to a RS meeting and then on visits (right after the game)… I also have a 12 miler planned for the morning. After my meeting, I hung out at the Barney’s for awhile. 

Thursday: I went out for a 12 mile run. I ran the 1st 3 miles at an easy pace and the last 9 was at a moderate pace. I was in a hurry to get back because a couple of kids get dropped off at my house at around 7:45 every morning. So even though my kids weren’t here, I had to hurry to get back (and I started later then what I wanted to). I met up with my girls at school and went on a field trip with my youngest and her kindergarten class (to the library).  

 I had a babysitter come and I took off for a CC meet. I wasn’t able to stay the whole time because my 3 younger girls have soccer games. But the races I did see, went well. It was so hot today for them! One of our top females took 3rd overall (the other one took 6th)… She was up against the 2 girls that are favored to win State. Our girl was 1st until the last 200… She was out kicked… We were so excited to have her and our other girl that close.  

 Tonight was picture night for soccer (no fun rounding up all the kids)! I forgot to have someone take a picture of my Kindergartener’s team. 😦 But after pictures, they had their games.  

 Right after the games, the girls and I headed straight to the church for the last little bit of the RS activity and to help cleanup. I was so tired by this time!!!! I was a little cranky. πŸ™‚  

 I just hope Corom is having fun in St. George! :/ 

Friday: This morning was an easy 10 miler. I ran back and forth on my street the entire time because the girls were alone sleeping… Talk about a LONG, BORING run. I did meet up with the HS kids early this morning. We decided to have practice in the morning with it being homecoming weekend. The kids loved it!  

 This morning we had a busy morning with PTO stuff… It is picture day at the school and we put together gift baskets for our fundraiser. It took up the entire morning but we had fun! I have such good help with PTO stuff!  

 Of course I had to stay and see my girls at lunch time! πŸ™‚  

 The girls played with friends today…  

…and then it was off to our oldests soccer game. Corom came home in time for her game. πŸ™‚  

 Once the girls fell asleep, we put a movie on and the Fullmers came down to watch it with us. I’m coming down with a head cold and that stinks!!! 

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  1. Everyone has colds right now. Ugh! I laughed when I first read about your race. I thought you said it was for running addicts. There certainly could be such a thing.

    • Yes I’m trying to get lots of sleep and water! Better now with the cold then next week. πŸ™‚ well there were plenty of running addicts too! We are everywhere. πŸ™‚

  2. What a great blog you have Josse, looks like you’re in great shape ‘for a woman’. Tell Sarah I said hi.

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