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My Week In A Nutshell… Let The Taper Begin! 

October 3, 2015

Saturday: I had a 16 miler this morning with 6 x 1 miles (at the end of my run) with a 1 min recovery in between. It was tough this morning with my head cold. I was all over the place… I would look at my watch and would be running at a 5:45, so I would slow down and notice I would be at a 6:20… For 5 of those miles, that’s how it was. The last mile I just struggled to keep the 6 min pace. Not a confidence booster… 🙂 my 1st one was a 6:00, 2nd was a 5:56, 3rd was a 6:01, 4th was a 6:00, 5th was a 6:02 and 6th was a 5:58. Right when I hit my 16 miles I stopped and walked the half a mile home! I was tired, thirsty and my head hurt. The girls had to clean their rooms today before we did anything… 

 There were many tears and fights this morning! The 2 younger girls finished in time to go with Corom to check on the Alpacas (that made it harder for me to get the 2 older ones to clean… They were not happy).  

 We did have time to go to a little pumpkin patch… A cute little place. I wanted to get pumpkins to decorate our house.  

 I took the 2 older girls to the women’s conference- for 8 and older (General conference is coming up). We had appetizers before the meeting started…  

 Corom took the 2 younger girls with him on the HS’s Homecoming Dance Date. Corom was asked if he could drive around a group of 20 (10 couples) in the bus. 🙂  

 Fun times! 

Sunday: We went to church and the girls were good today. I love Sunday’s when the girls are good. 🙂 We had a couple of families over and then we watched the eclipse/blood moon…  

 The poor dogs… But at least they love the girls! Oh and we have 2 baby kittens that Corom and the girls brought home. They, too, will be staying outside.  At least the kittens and the dogs get along (outside). 🙂 

Monday: Well it is Taper week!!! I’m way excited and way scared. My training is there… Now I have to work on my confidence- which is key to racing!!! I don’t know why I’m lacking the confidence but I can’t seem to get out of a funk… 2 weeks! 🙂 I ran 10 miles this morning at a pace no faster than 7:30. I averaged around a 7:50-8 min pace. The rest of the day was busy getting ready for the Elementary schools PTO (PTA) fundraiser… A Family Fun Night. Dinner, activities and an auction. All the activities were free, so that brought a lot of people.  

 Corom was the auctioneer… I was a little nervous but he really made it very entertaining and he talked a lot of people into bidding more. Too funny! I was able to sneak away from the setup to go coach CC.  

 My girls liked today because they played all afternoon with the other kids (while us moms set up) and they didn’t have to do any homework. 🙂 

Tuesday: I ran 8 miles total today! It was another easy day. I do like these easy days. I worked at the school today in my Kindergartener’s class, went VTing, then came back for PTO stuff to close up the Family Fun Night activity. My youngest helped us count the change. 😉  

 Then the girls and I went to CC practice (a speed day for them), then to the 3 younger girls soccer games (after homework and dinner).  

 I left the games a little early to go to a movie with a few ladies in my neighborhood. It was really nice and much needed. Corom took over coaching the games. I went and saw 

Wednesday: I had a speed workout today. Ugh… 10 x 800’s at a 2:45-2:50 pace. 10 miles total. I finished with 10 1/2 and I hit the marks (closer to 2:50 for all of them). I was tired but grateful to have this workout over. I worked in my 2nd daughter’s class (2nd grade). She is a very bright girl… School comes natural to her (unlike me… I struggled with every subject)!  

 I met up with a few friends and we went to lunch. The kids ended up at my house and they had a fun afternoon. I had a couple of friends come over to help me finish up some quiet books for church. It was nice to visit! Thanks Megan and Misty for helping me out. 😉 We had CC practice (a recovery run)… 

 I did leave practice early because a debt collector called saying I owed money on a credit card… I DON’T OWN A CREDIT CARD! :/ So now I have to fill out a fraud paper and start that whole process. Awesome! (You know… You would think the credit card company would call after someone from London was using the credit card.) Anyway, after dinner and homework, it was my oldest’s soccer game. They played well! And of course the girls tried to sneak the baby kittens.. I pretended not to see them as the girls brought them into the car. It was too cute with their giggling… But then I got annoyed because they wanted to run around with them. So In-between coaching, I had to yell at them to sit down and to be calm with the kittens. 🙂 Oh the joys. 

 I took the girls with me on RS visits tonight. They enjoyed it. (Corom had to work late tonight.) 

Thursday: I had an easy 10 miler today. I was still tired from yesterday. It took me a good few miles to get “into” my run. Chicago marathon is coming up too fast!!! I was able to get things done around the house before I had to pick up my youngest… Then the after school hours were busy again. CC practice- (Easy run before the meet)…  

 My 2 middle girls soccer game…  

 Then my youngest’s soccer game…  

 Corom put the girls to bed while I attended a RS event. It was a nice evening. We had the privilege of hearing from President Hinckley’s 2 sister-in-laws. They were so fun to listen to. A great spirit to them.  

Friday: This morning was a big 5 mile easy run… It was nice to be home earlier than normal. We (Corom and I) dropped the girls off at school and then ran errands the rest of the morning. Corom took off for St. George for the marathon (tomorrow). I had a CC meet to attend… The girls had a babysitter and then ended up at a friend’s house for a couple of hours. They had fun!  

 At the meet… We had Great performances!!! So many kids PR’d tonight! So impressive on a tough course. Our top female came in 2nd overall (the 1st place girl ran a 17:48.22 and she ran a 17:48.56). So close… Our top guy placed 9th overall. There were over 20 schools. It was fun to watch but cold!  

 We got home around 9… I was going to drive down to St. George tonight with the girls (about 3 1/2 hours) but decided to go to bed (at 9:15), get up and do my run early, then leave by 7 to make it before Corom finished the marathon. 🙂 

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  1. Happy taper! I am so excited for you. I think it is normal to feel sluggish and frustrated in the taper phase. But I am certain you are prepared. We are really excited for you! I used to cry and be such a brat as a little girl when it came to cleaning the house and keeping my room clean. My room was always a mess (I swore my mom came in and messed it up) and I hated helping with chores. Now, I am a neat freak and love keeping things clean. There is always hope!

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